Do you commute on your unicycle?

We have been contacted by Emma Roberts, a TV researcher for Richard and Judy TV Programme on channel 4, she read the article in the AA magazine about Joe Marshall and commuting by unicycle and wants to find any other unicyclist who commute to work by unicycle for a feature they’re doing. Can they get in
touch with her. If you email me on I will pass your information on.


I do. Do I have to live closer? :stuck_out_tongue:

I did when I worked in town. All the girls at work loved my Big One.

Sorry. Could not reist.


I commute when it’s not raining and during the seasons when it’s light outside for both trips. I’ve only commuted four times this year but will all spring and summer and some of fall. Looks like all of your respondees are US so far. Fool doesn’t count because he USED to commute. I think Nathan commutes regularly.

Re: Do you commute on your unicycle?

I do not wish to be made the object of ridicule by the Richard & Judy Show when I can make a damn good job of it on my own, thank you very much.


Only reason I dont comute to work now is that I am no longer working! Full time student with some nice big nasty final coming very close very quickly.
I will commute to university as soon as it is a bit nicer but I have a big hill to get up and I not a morning person. When is summer I do it alot.


I used to commute daily with my unicycle

when I smashed my tendon my boss wanted to fill the form for “work accident” with that
(he felt that would have been the coolest form on record:D )
unfortunately I was not commuting at the time …

now I am waiting for complete healing to commute again… coming soon: next month!


i ride everywhere on mine.
people get worried if i dont have a unicycle with me.

does school count?

I commute to school about three times a week. When Im not riding to school I ride to the Y to exercise and stuff. I think Im disqualified though.

commuting to work

I’ve been commuting to work ever since my cars brakes went on the fritz. 24 miles round trip. Trip is a blast and it takes me a couple of hours to come down from the adrenaline once I get to work. Later.


I don’t ride to work, but I do ride at work; huge yard.


Well technically speaking, I do commute with my Uni. It’s just that It’s in the boot of my car while I drive to work.

Actually, I do ride into work once in a while, but that’s only when I get locked out of my work’s parking. In that case, I park about a mile away and ride in.


Of course, I didn’t see that the title of the thread said on, not with. I’m going to crawl back into my hole now.