Do we need a Unicycle Shop on the west side of the US

Hello you all I was wondering if you all think there is a need for a Unicycle shop on the West side of the US I am tired of limited avaliblity and am looking in to opening something. Let me know thanks.

do it

the fact that most bike shops can get uni stuff if you ask them to, or quite a few carry stuff in stock, i’m not sure what you hope to accomplish really. shipping from bedford or udc or plenty of other online places isn’t too bad.

Why, are there any shops in the East? UDC has a shop, but that’s only useful to people in the greater Atlanta area. It wouldn’t have made a difference to me when I lived in NY, but they ship all over.

What kind of shop did you have in mind? If it’s a store, please open up in Sacramento. :slight_smile:

Wow, this thread caught me by surprise because that is exactly what I am in the process of doing! I’ve been thinking about it for the last couple of months and finally had the guts to quit my full time engineering job a few weeks ago so I can focus on opening up a website and storefront down here in Huntington Beach, CA (Orange County). We probably aren’t going to be able to afford a storefront at first due to costs so we’ll start with a website and then hopefully open a storefront in the very near future. Our goal right now is to launch before Thanksgiving and I’ll start a new thread when we are closer to let everyone know. We hope to have a wide variety of stuff for sale, similar to udc (but better of course! :slight_smile: )

So to answer your questions, YES I do believe the west coast needs a store and heck maybe even two? Where are you located? Maybe we could work together on this? PM me if interested. Also, I see it’s your first post so are you a beginner or have you been riding for awhile? Just curious.

I am a long time rider new to this form.
I am in Arizona and am hoping to have a store front, Working on that one

Yeah!! UDC west coast branch!

Not exactly because it’s going to be a brand new store not udc related.


Woohoo!!! That’s only like 12 miles from where I go to school!!!

An alternative to UDC would be nice if it had lots of the same stuff.

hehe. UDC is draining my pockets of my hard-earned munny.

Buuuuuuuuut if there was a West Coast store, it’d be less shipping to pay!!

That is what I am going for. I got some different brands lined up you all have any sugections on what I should carry.

Everything UDC has, and then more…

even if it’s on the west coast, I might order from there if prices are like bedford’s. UDC could use a little competition in the homeland.

I am hoping to have most of the same stuff generaly that they have but hope to have more. I am hoping to be up and runing in a month or so.
Finishing up the web site.

The problem with competing with UDC is well…you can’t. The only way to have a decent selection of unicycling components is to order them through UDC. Keep in mind that UDC comissions many of their products to be made, meaning they are the only vendor for them.

Not that you can’t have a decent unicycle shop, only that to do so, you’ll be purchasing from UDC.

Ye of little faith!
Before UDC got started, who did UDC order their components from?



Although I wouldn’t mind if any new stores that sprang up didn’t stock old stuff like cottered hubs, Schwinns, etc.

But you could definitely improve on the selection of pedals!