Do unicycles have names?

Some people name their cars. Has anyone assigned a name to their uni? Do
unicycles have gender?

I am toying with naming my Coker, Freeda. No reason, I would just like to say,
I rode Freeda around town this weekend.

A lepodopterist friend named his car “Powdermilk.”

Just wondering.
Where there is a wheel, there is a way.

Many people name their uni’s. I haven’t; not yet anyway, still considering it. But then there’s the story of the goldfish I read about. Someone once had a goldfish that lived forever, because he didn’t name it. If it is not named, then it cannot be written into the book of life, so therefore can never be erased from the book of life.
Unfortunately, the goldfish in question was eaten by another fish. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it died.

Names are discussed in THIS THREAD

Oh course they do!

i like naming stuff, my unicycle is called Pip, i have made him a lot better (KH velo seat, nice pedals and chunky tyre)
ahh…my faithful Pip :sunglasses: (his first birthday this christmas!)

And more recently in Anybody Have a Nickname for Your Uni? too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any new names?

Mine has one

Deep groan

My unicycle is called sisyphus.

10 points to anyone who gets the reference.

Re: Mine has one

In this day and age of instant Internet access to information, obscure references are getting harder and harder to come by. But if you’re asking a newsgroup populated in large part by educated adults if anyone knows who Sisyphus is, you’ll have to try a bit harder? :wink:

I am getting a new freestyle uni later this week (I hope). I am thinking about calling it Smedley, simply because I like the sound of it.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I’m an English Major.

Do i get 10 points?

my unicycle is called unicycle

Whoa, no way! MINE TOO! Talk about a coincedence!

my unicycle has no name and neither did my goldfish, before he disapeared.

mine has name…

my uni’s name is betsie

My Onza trials uni is named Quill, for the porcupines on it. My muni is unnamed.