do Unicycles attract the laidies?

He so im just wondering if well the title says it all. But today on may 15,06 i was riding in front of my mall and I see this hot chick and shes like “Wow your good” Im like yeah! :sunglasses: thanks its happend a few times already. It pretty sweet so I think you could pick chicks up with unicycles

2 Words…Search Function. There are already a few threads about this and we have concluded that yes, the uni is a chick magnet.


it surelly attracks ur mom… USE THE SEARCH

Max…That was mean.

But true to your style… funny.

Hey sorry about that thanks for the tip ill be more carefull

ah comon he knows I was just kiding him… It dint attrack ur mom g no wrys

Unicycles attract spelling bee champions.

Hahaha. Harper is thst master of the “I state the brutally obvious” insult. I love it!

Wow, and in another thread, which I’m sure you’ll successfully locate using the search function, we concluded that unicycling is done exclusively as an adjunkt to clowning.

Which must mean that clowns are chick magnets.