do u think....

hey i posted this in another section but i was told to post it here so…

do you think a brand new Torker 20" uni from ebay would b worth it for $130
it would be my first.

yes it would… but an 06 torker would be even better

I bought a brand new torker 20" on ebay yesterday for $79 + $19 shipping. (2006) has new torkers (2005, I think) for $94 and about $10 shipping (to me, at least).
A torker is a great beginner uni–even a great intermediate uni for freestyle and non-extreme riding (no mountain or heavy trials). But that price is a bit high, if you live in USA and not Al/HI.

ehhhh ? udc sells the 06 torkers for 400$

Yeh well in Australia so

yea I am talkin about the dx u might be talking about the cx…

yeh it costs somethin shocking to send from the US so im not sure wat im doing yet.

I picked up the 2006 Torker LX 26" for $89 + $25 for shipping on eBay.
I have seen the 20" & 24" for a a bit cheaper on there.

  1. 06 Torker LX 20"

  2. Torker CX 20"

nope. not unless forced.

I have not been authorized for that function, so, the answer to your interrogative is no.

I try not to. It just makes things complicated.


thinking is bad for you.

can anyone tell me the best brands worth buying for your first uni?

I really think that a torker LX would be the best. It’s great for learning just about every trick. After you get more into it, you can pick a unicycle that you think fit’s your style.

um can i ask what LX stands for?

LX = jsa:FBjkasndksndajdnc

That wasnt a good joke.


Maybe “luxury”…that would be my guess.

eltra xarge?
actually, all of Torker’s unis are #X, and the first letter means something, but I’m pretty sure the X is just there for looks. CX = Child, LX = Large(?) TX = Tall, DX = Downhill(?)

I think the L stands for “luxury”. somehow that rings a bell in my head.