do they make unicycles where

its like a bike and if u stop pedaling the wheel will still spin and you can keep going but keeping your feet on the pedals?

Talk about saving time! I cannot understand what you said, sorry.

Watch TWNR (or it might of been Inner Balance) there is a short segment on a freewheeling uni.

yes, coaster unis do exist, they’re usually made from old tricycle hubs.

a freewheeling unicycle, sounds fun, yet possibly quite hard to ride?

very hard, even with a brake on it. Seen many a person lose skin on one.

any one no where i can buy one?

i googled it but couldnt get anything


There is nowhere you can buy one.

I think you’re gonna have to build it yourself.

hmm bumer.

anyone know how i would do it exactly?

Get a tricycle with a coaster front wheel that is spoked. Strip the front wheel down to the hub and rebuil in to a decent sized rim, probably best to stick to a 16" to keep you close to the ground. Modify a unicycle frame to fit whatever bearing holder type is on the hub. Stick some decent cranks on it. Job done.

Yeah, DIY or custom.

I’m not sure, but I think The Unicycle Factory is still in business. Tom has made all sorts of odd unicycles, and I bet he has made a coster uni before.

put a tricycle hub in your wheelset, that would work i think, but i have never really seen a tricycle hub to know ho they work, but i know a bike hub would not work because you cannot attach the cranks.

See this link (and notice several additional sources down at the bottom of the page). I don’t know that they do this, but another place to check. Expect to pay some bucks for something custom like that.

As to the hub- I don’t know. The idea is simple, and whatever works for a bicycle to freewheel, the same priniciple would work. I just don’t know what actual hardware is used. I would think it would involve putting a larger unicycle axle in a bicycle-type hub.

Posters above mention a tricycle wheel. All the little kid tricycles I’ve ever seen didn’t have a coaster function, just a solid crank. And all the adult tricycles have power to the rear. So the coaster-tricycle sounds about as scarce to me as the coaster unicycle.

You could make a penguin.

my opinion

Hey whats the point of ridin the uni if ya wanna coast? it’s the thrill of being in control and feeling the pavement and the constant center of balance changes. This would be great for trick riding i guess. but im not that advanced. maybe im premature on this post, but i know the feel of the unicycle, and it dont change. I can ride miles at a time, but i havent tried oo much of the tricks. just love the unicycle ya have and do what you can imagine! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

A bicycle hub axle does not rotate, and is bolted solidly to the frame. A unicycle hub axle has to rotate to, so needs bearings between it and the frame. You could manage it with much custom machine work but it would be pretty tricky.

I’ve no personal experience with the coaster tricycle, but I have ridden a uni that was built from one. I believe it was found in a skip.

There is another easy option, the coker wheelman penny farthing has a freewheel hub. Obtaining one might be tricky, but it’s a hub you can build in to any wheel and drop in any frame.

For some reason, my post up there was missing a link:
And read the other links at the bottom of that.

I’ve seen a couple of little FSA penny-farthings for sale on Ebay lately, with 29" front wheel. I don’t know if they free-wheel or not. But obviously a lot cheaper than the Coker version if all you need is the hub.

As to what has to rotate and all- you obviously need something different from a normal unicycle hub and axle, so what exactly that would be is the issue.

I’m not sure if the original poster thought of it, but losing that rigidity in the crank means you also lose most of your control, which is more obvious when you see the guy in the video riding one (it looks like he’s riding a BC wheel).