Do they all ride the same

I am a newbie looking to get off the cement and head to the grass & off road , is the name brand (nimbus/torker) uni better rides then the cheapo ? I’m sure quality is much better but is the overall operation better? Are they worth the extra $275. Or do they all ride the same… I’m just looking to ride (to old to do tricks) thinking of a 24" that i can add the 2stage cranks . Thanks for any input

You’re right, branded unis are better but mainly on the durability and weight side of things.

If you’re just starting out, you can’t go wrong with a learner; they truly are the best. If your not sure If you’ll like unicycling, however, It would be wise to have a go at your local uni club, or buy a cheap second hand uni.

It all comes down to who you are.

Thanks , lol. I too have mastered the kick down dismount!! Lol