Do sperms unicycle?

A friend of mine got me a leaflet on sperm banking (as a joke!). He reckoned
that all the hammering testes receive from unicycling could well damage them or
their cargo. Another friend of mine said that cycling can produce short-term

Is there any danger in unicycling lots? Did any of you become proud fathers
after years of heavy unicycling?


Hey Barry,

Have you had kids yet?

what the heck
did you do a search on sperm or something?


it can cause short impotentcy, but as far as long term effects, there are none, in fact the effects are lesser than those of bikes

Potentially I guess there may be some danger.

YES :slight_smile: …YES :slight_smile: …YES :thinking: …YES! :astonished: Unicycling for over 35 years, proud father four times.

anyone notice this thread is form 1993?

I think Blunt did, but none of the others.

EDIT: He made this thread before I was born :astonished:

This is the oldest thread ive seen so far on this site.

How long has been around?

well, that was from a newsgroup.

Obviously I didn’t notice.

nice one bluntrm that is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while… love the fact people just like think its from now and its from 93

I think they do, because when they come out and wait a couple years. Their hormones or testosterone makes them want to unicycle. Which is us pretty much. So yeah it’s a yes from me. :smiley: :smiley:

A friend of mine knows a kid who has a roomate who is a sperm and he unicycles. So I’m gonna say yes.

This is oldest thread in RSU, so is probably about 14 years and 2 months old.



Haha ^^^:D

This is a very kreepy thread, who brang this back up.
What/who is a sperms, and wht do they do?

your mom. hehehehe

My sperms unicycle 2-3 times a week.:slight_smile:

That is too funny. I knew sperms unicycle. :smiley: