do qu-ax cranks fit a k1 hub?

I’m buying a koxx-one wheelset and cranks, but the cranks are slightly bent. Would my Qu-ax cranks fit? (my hub is the yellow Qu-ax hub)

I know the old k1 set is a different size. When did you get ur koxx wheelset?

As the wheelset is second hand it’s pretty safe to assume that it will be the old Koxx “ISIS” which will only fit true ISIS cranks with a lot of luck (which means it is possible but unlikely).
If you’ve not bought it yet, I would look elsewhere. You’ll need to buy the old Koxx cranks (pre-2009) so may have to shop around and be prepared to buy from anywhere in the world.

so that is to say they won’t fit? the wheelset is a couple of years old, and my qu-axes are about four years old. is that qu-ax hub actually an ISIS spline? I’ll have to take the cranks off both of my wheelsets and compare the two sets.

How bent are the Koxx cranks? If they aren’t bent very much, it’s likely that you’ll get used to them rather quickly and it won’t be a problem. As long as they’re still ridable, I’d say just use them and get used to it.

The koxx setup actually hasn’t arrived yet, but jaco flans says I’d be able to get used to it. I think I will do that.