Do Not Enter

This video was edited rather quickly and the footage gathered over a few months. A lot of this stuff could be done much more cleanly now BUT the video is already up so Oh well haha.


Hey, good job.

I almost did not come in, haha.

Well worth it.

nice vid:D

There were really cool lines in the vid.

nice… whats with the random pepsi?

DO NOT ENTER is an invitation in… Always.

Pretty cool lines in there, nice work.


Pepsi Gives you Skill!

nice, I Now have the sudden urge to drink pepsi :roll_eyes: .

That was awesome, slut!

Thanks haha I almost never film when I’m riding with people so footage of my fairly new to trials friend Neal was fun and Phil(catinabag1) never makes videos so I had to put him in it too.

Yeah, I’m almost out of really cool lines that look good in Portland now haha I need to explore the city more I hate using repeated obstacles in more than one video.

That’s a SECRET haha… you’ll figure it out in my next video.

Thanks, Came up with the name when we were at the first location in the video and I was playing with my zoom and the wide angle lens haha

Hellz yeah!

You should drink Pepsi! it’s amazing… I keep wondering if they’d sponsor people haha

Thanks Whore! haha

sick subliminal messaging speaking about that has anyone seen the unicycle video where a picture of a fat naked chick comes up its hard to see,hmmmmm what was it called.

madison… you did not use a evanescence song for your video…

i thought we talked about this… :thinking:

you are going to be a noob forever :wink:

I thought that was Linkin park haha

Nice video, it actualy gave me a good idea for a new trick- thanks

Sweet vid! What’d that girl say at 1:45? I couldn’t understand her. lol

“Mad Props Way cool”

yep, a chick finally talked to me!

and it was a good thing too! :smiley:

One suggestion I have is that when you fall down the ramp coming out of the MAX station, you should summersault down the whole thing and land on your face.

Other than that, it was spectacular.