do ne Australians have Trials?

i from Australia and i really need (want) a good trials uni. if you are aussie and you have one could you please tell me what it is and how you got it


GP unicycles

best place in australia…

if you wanna know the cheapest strongest unicycle available
here are the specs:

profile hub/cranks
V12 pedals
alex DX32rim
monty/luna 2.5
nimbus II frame
and Velo saddle

i will suggest it will take you a very long time to break that.

if you are wanting something a little less custom.

KH or GP unicycle.

you got a pic of that uni tom it sounds delightful

is that the $249.00 uni?

thats look pretty sweet

its not the $249.00 one…

profile hub/cranks alone are $649.00

it will send you broke… but i recommend it as you wont need to repair it and without having worries like your gonna break your damn unicycle every 4feet. its worth the money…

brock… my unicycle isnt a poser…

when did I call your unicycle a poser all i wanted is a picture of a nimbus 2 uni

i think he meant, jokingly, that his unicycle does not like posing form pictures

oooooooooooh lol

You can get trials unicycles in Australia from NZ. KH20s an Onza 20" trials unicycles are available - buy online at this page!

We ship anywhere in Australia for FREE!


tony (at) unicycle . co . nz