Do Moments strip easily?

Basically that’s it. Of course I’d be sure to put them on the right way and put the pedals on the right way and all that jazz. Put I’ve stripped cranks before and they’ve been on the right way, as well as the pedals.

Has anybody stripped them.

P.S. The cranks I have are Qu-Ax lightweight freestyle cranks. (this is on my trials unicycle)

moments are beastly cranks… they dont strip easy

I stripped the pedal inserts on my moments, I’m waiting to get a response back from to see if I can buy new inserts.

But overall the moments are really strong, I just ruined mine by constantly tightening my plastic pedals.

Wait a second, you ruined them by over-tightening them? I thought you you strip them by not tightening them enough.

thats the insert. Put your pedals in, tighten them, and leave them alone. Then theyll be allright. Moments are indestructable…

They are no more likely to strip than any other ISIS crank on the market right now. I either have owned or do own K1, Qu-ax street, and KH cranks and in terms of stripping the only one I had problems with was the K1 cranks, but that was due to poor insert design which is fixed on some of the crank sizes.

i strip qu ax but since owning moments ive ridden the pedals so lose till they fall out about 10 times and there still good,

Qu-ax street or aluminum? There is a big difference.

you can’t put your wheel on the right way around or what?

they only fall out if the cranks are backwards, or you ride backwards a whole bunch.

the inserts suck, and will slip in the crank, but should not ever really strip out.

lol took me a while to get that. I am slow

i ride backwards alot and my pedals are crap since getting new ones problem solved but now those pesky crank inserts are coming lose.:o

Any product will be ruined by incompetence.

When tightening bolts and pedals, go slow and don’t use excessive strength. If you have to use force to get anywhere, chances are that something is wrong and you should stop. Use quality tools and fresh Allen keys.

Maintain your cranks by checking for looseness before every ride and grease them occasionally.

There is no excuse (besides having a defect) to ruin a crank. Some are more susceptible, so be more careful.

To answer your question, moments will strip easily in the care of a moron who cross threads, etc. They will last ages for someone who knows his stuff.


If I do these things, I should be good, right?

  1. Make sure right pedal is on right crank, left on left.
  2. Make sure frame and seat are pointing the right way. (So I’m not riding backwards all the time)
  3. Don’t overtighten them. When it’s hard to go any farther, your good.
  4. Unscrew them and grease them every few months.

Anything else.

Don’t remove pedals to regrease them

The grease in pedal threads is there to lube the threads during installation, and to fill the space to exclude water. Don’t remove your pedal unless you need to. Every time you tighten and loosen threads, there is some stress on the metal. Even the best metal fails if you keep tightening and loosening the threads enough times.

To install a pedal in a moment crank, grease the treads (my KH 20 came with the pedals separate, and a dab of grease in the crank’s pedal threads) , put the pedals in good and tight, then leave them there until you really need to remove them. Parts deform together when you tighten them, and if greased before assembly, should be left alone.

So unless they are coming loose, don’t tighten them?

Pedals should be self-tightening, they shouldn’t need tightening once installed unless you’ve got the wheel backwards.

Or you are doing a lot of backwards ridding/practicing a trick that involves ridding forward with the uni backwards.


I remember you saying once that my qu-ax freestyle cranks have_____inserts, and Moments have____inserts. And that the moment inserts are stronger, care to enlighten?

I switch my pedals all of the time, I like some for street others for trials. I’ve never had a problem with my moments.

I can’t see how that one guy said he didn’t have a problem just letting them come out. I have no idea how, but my pedal came loose and I jumped down a 5set and it messed the threads in my crank up really bad. That was with my 150’s, I took an old pedal and threaded it in backwards, the spindle had to be grinded down a little, but it worked really well. Never had anything with my 137’s.

Okay, so I got moments but I have a problem.

My pedals keep coming loose. When they do, I either ride forward, or hold the pedal and spin the wheel. Once tight, I’ll ride for 1 minute, and it’ll be loose again. I’m freaking out, I don’t want to strip them.