Do I weld the seat post clamp on MUni?


Getting closer on my custom Muni frame. Do I have the seat post clamp welded on like a bicycle or leave it separate?

Your thoughts, please.


Workin the maze.

Nah, why bother? All my bikes (and unis) don’t actually have the clamp welded on; they just sorta stay there when you clamp it on. That way you could change the clamp if you get sick of it, or break/strip the threads or something. You could swap between a QR clamp, a bolt only clamp, or a nice trick ridiculously priced titanium clamp.

Just my thoughts


For what it’s worth, the less welding the better (except for the main parts of the frame!)

Any component can be damaged or knocked out of line; any thread can strip; any bolt can ‘dink!’ when tightened. Bits that can be removed easily can be repaired, replaced or upgraded easily.

Seat post clamps are not supposed to be welded. There is no need for it, and you would be screwed if you ever needed to replace it.
-David Kaplan