Do I ride in the mud on Sunday?

It’s been raining all day, today(Saturday). The rain is supposed to stop tonight. I haven’t been out riding my MUni for two weeks.

I’ve got the urge.

Should I go ride? I have only once ridden in a muddy situation and that was 4 days after a rain. My Gazz still got coated with mud and I had that feeling that I was riding towing a truck.

Having never been in conditions that some of you are familier with after a heavy rain. Is it worth it to ride, or am I just going to be falling all over the place - slip sliding away?

The trail I would ride is usually hard pack with some gullys.


your suggesting theres something wrong with slipping and sliding all over the place?

There’s no two ways about it…go riding! :). Riding in mus is really fun. Tell us how you go.


i’ll be slopping around in the thick mud with DudleyDoRide,Muddycycle and Cliff Cordy tomorrow.i know what you mean about the tractor tyre thing…i like to bash my tyre into a tree somtimes to get the mudd off for a bit.

Go riding in the mud, and try and get as dirty as possible. Then come home, have a shower with your uni and dry off with your uni.
All in all an extremly intimate experience to have with the closest wheel.

check this out this sexy uni

sexy uni

Okay, I think I got this to work this time.

sexy uni

Very nice!

very nice indeed!


Well, err, uhh… on to my anticlimactic conclusion for the day.

My wife got a bout of morning sickness at the point in the day when I was going to ride. So, I didn’t get to ride. I stayed home and took care of our boys to lighten her load.

However, by 6:00 pm. things were better and she could take care of th boys. I rode for a little over 30 minutes before it got too dark to ride in an area near my house. Which was actually somewhat dry on the trail. I only encountered mud on one short portion and slipped a bit. It was actually fun to slide, didn’t go down either.

Max, your right, there isn’t anything wrong with mud riding. Next time, I go out early before it dries out, just to make it interesting.

later gents

well we did our ride in Fall City,Cliff never showed but 3 riders is still awesome.

the trails were wet but tacky and im working on a nasty bruse on my left calf. :frowning: the black is slowly creeping down tto my toes…

Sounds like gangrene. Get out the knife and start hacking… it may save your life.



I love that feeling when you stay on there and realise you just slide along the ground on one wheel and kept going.