Do I need this part?

I was just inflating the tire on one of my uins and noticed I was missing one of these…

Here’s a pic of another uni with the threaded ring installed.

This little ring screws on to the pedal from the inside of the crank arm. Oh yeah, the uni is a kris holm.

Does anyone know if I need to get a replacement for the one I lost or do I need this ring to keep the pedal tight or for some other reason?

I took one off another uni, obviously as it’s seen in the first picture, to use until I get a new one. But, do I need one?


it’s a lock ring to keep your insert in, yea you’ll need a new one. Unless you can find the old one.

the cranks have inserts so that if you strip out the insert you can just install a new one instead of getting new cranks. You’ll probably just need to buy a new insert.

(correct me if I’m wrong on any of this)

I have NO clue where to get these…

You dont need it if it’s not moving. I bought my uni (used) and there was a crank that didn’t have one on it, I still ride these cranks on my Muni pretty hard and I haven’t had any problems. I dont think you really need to look and try to get a new one as long as your crank insert isn’t moving.

You can buy a new set of lock rings here: