Do I Need a 29er?


I remember my transitions from a small wheel to a big wheel, each was a bit more work, but in the end it served me better. I now think of a 36er as an XC muni and a 29er as a DH muni, so obviously I’m a big wheel kinda guy. But big wheels make sense for unicycles, since unlike bikes, we have to make do with a single patch of rubber, so the bigger the rubber, the better the stability.

I’d get the 29er and make yourself learn it, in time you’ll be glad you did, then when you have the cash you’ll get a 36er…

Haha, I was wondering how long it would take you to find this thread. Now where’s Harper to tell him to skip the 29 and go straight to a 36? :slight_smile:

Well a little bit of bad news. The 29" that I was eyeing and set to buy (thanks to all your wonderful advice) has a singlewalled rim so it would be useless for muni since I would spend the entire time worrying if my new uni is gonna break every single ride. I’m definitely gonna get a 29er, just gonna wait until I see a good deal or I get more $$$ for my birthday in a month.

You’re best bet is probably a Nimbus (I love my KH, but they’re spendy).

Its sad but i wana get a nimbus over a kh. its the best bang for the buck.

No way, that’s way to big for cruising campus. What he really needs is an Ultimate Wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m looking at the Drak mainly. Maybe if I’m lucky one will pop up on the trading forum.

Obviously it depends a lot on what type of riding you want to try, but don’t make assumptions. You can do a lot using skill and technique instead of equipment. I have done many many miles of off road on skinny tyres and road rims.

you should post a wanted thread

I probably will in a week or so, gonna try and get a few more hours in at work so I can actally afford the uni if a good one pops up :smiley:

what are kind do you want?

If properly built a single widish single wall rim can be quite strong with a bit of tire to cushion it. I have a drilled out 32 spoke singe wall 50mm Speedway Umma rim on my 29er, theoretically one of the weakest combos available, and it has seen drops up to about 2’ with no noticeable ill effects.

Double walled rims are nice for peace of mind but not strictly necessary if you maintain your wheels and keep even tension.

how long have you had it for?

Well I’m mainly looking at the Drak but I’ll take anything that is ISIS and doublewalled rims that is that much or less money.

And, yeah I understand that double walled is not necessary if you have good technique but I don’t have that technique yet and would much rather have the peace of mind in knowing my wheel won’t taco mid ride.

Since early 2010, haven’t really used it that much probably not much more than 1000km almost all trail. I mostly ride my 26 or 36.

I do all of my muni riding on a 29er with a single walled rim. It’s not as delicate as you think. Just make sure your spoke tension is even all the way around and don’t land sideways off of drops.

“Do I need a 29er?”

Of course you need one and when I am elected emperor of the universe every man woman and child will get one!

Haha I’ll be sure to vote for you then :smiley:

And I just really want the peace of mind in knowing that it won’t break. I’m not at all experienced in tensioning wheels and double walled rims aren’t significantly more expensive so why not?

Caved and posted a wanted ad. We’ll see how it goes :roll_eyes: