Do hubs have a right and left?

i changed my bearings i forgot what is the left side and right
is there a way to tell?
mine has nimbus etched in.

No it should just as long as you have your left pedal on your left crank and right pedal on your right cranks on the right side E.g left on the left right on the right, you will be sweet

Sit on the uni and look down at the hub. You have reversed the left and right cranks if “Nimbus” is upside down.

I don’t think that is quite right. The thought is right, but the reason is a little muddy.

From my reading getting ready to do my first wheel build it’s convention to orient the hub so that label on the hub from can be read from the back. (right side up)

The cranks both attach to the hub with righty tighty, lefty loosey. The cranks need to be on the correct sides but but that is to put the pedal threads on the correct sides oriented to front and back of the uni.

If the cranks were installed with the convention of reading the label from the back and the cranks are attached correctly than what you say is true.

Maybe I didn’t express myself clearly - but I am not even sure I understand your explanation… :thinking:

This is what I meant:

A new Nimbus uni is oriented in such a way that if you hold the wheel with the left crank in your left hand and the right crank in your right hand, then you can read the “Nimbus” marking on the hub correctly.

If “Nimbus” is upside down when you hold the uni in this way, you have switched the position of the left and right crank. I don’t know whether this could be a problem, though…

(The markings on the cranks of course always allows you to put them in the right position relative to the frame.)

We are saying the same thing.

I’m just pointing out that that there is nothing in the hub that makes one side ‘right’ and one side ‘left’.

It’s the wheelbuilders convention of building the wheel so that the printing on the hub is right side up. The wheel could be built with the label upside down and the cranks could still be attached correctly.

Yes, and to answer Colin’s question: There is a way to tell what is the left and right side - but it doesn’t matter.

I guess you don’t have a Nimbus? The printing is not on the side:


as long as the left crank is on the left hand side it doesn’t matter it the hub is upside down or not. the hub bolt will go into the hub and tighten, its the pedal you have to worry about.