Do Canadians unicyclist log roll?

It’s a Lumberjack sport. It seems very similar to riding unis, but the UPDs are wet and cold.
I never have done it myself but it always looked fun. Uni riders could probally start off on a small diameter log.

I bet it’s easier than wheel walkin’ …which I can’t do yet. Well anyways, stay cool. I’m going windsurfing.

do u unicycle while u surf and eat pineaples at the same time ?.. wtf…

Do Americans play football and baseball on unis?

im staring to wonder… maybe I should uni while building my igloo

I can take my Beaver for a walk on my uni:)

I don’t usualy log roll as the lakes and rivers are frozen for most of the year. and when they are thawed I have to herd the polor bears, while harvesting pot, before the beavers and moose can get it. then I sit down on my couch made of softwood lumber with a glass of maple syrup and watch a hockey game or a gay marrige. then I take my ski-doo to go seal hunting. Eh :roll_eyes:

I’m sensings a little sarcasm

I’m a three time log rolling champion! and a 2 time winner of the maple toque at the log olympics!

Just a little :wink:

Im sensing sig worthy:D

awesome, Im in a sig:D

sorry for the thread jack but WTF

Havent you jeard…All us Canadains are pot farmers and we have to keep our crops(stashes) safe from Moose and Beaver attack.

Not to mention our fields of pot we have to protect from Mountain lions and generaly the best way to do that is to build mountain lion friendly vending machines with pot in them. We like to keep these fields near our trailer parks though.

I don’t know about you Canadians, but here in Maine everyone has a pet moose or two. I ride mine to school and back.

I’ve never log rolled, but it looks fun, or painful if the log has knots in it.

Naw the logs we use are synthetic…We dont have enough trees to go around eh

packs up bags flies to canada ,sees stoned bevers(sp?) and elk, flies back


I feel like Mel Gibson.

I didn’t even think of rolling a log on a uni. Is that the impression? mmmm

I want any unicyclist that log rolls without a uni.

I did surf last three days — pineapple is in the frig. papaya and mangos too.

aloha(may love be with you)

No one log rolls here, or at least very few people, there are probably more log rollers in the U.S. than in Canada. Since logrolling is another stereotype that is rather like the ones we made fun of we decided it was time to attack anyone that honestly believes in a stereotype, because we wanted to feel more akin to Americans in their attack first ask questions later nature.

My best memory of log rolling was 1981. I was in Vancouver. I went to a Lumberjack festival on the island. It made a big impression on me. All I got are my memories.

Thanks, I’m always working on decreasing my ignorance.