do bmx seat clamps work on unicycles

my seat clamp broke and i just need a new one
so will a bmx one work?

if they’re the same diameter as yours

where do i find my diameter?

try to fit it on the post, if it don’t go on it’s 2 small

I think seat post clamps should be the same as on bicycles. The problem is, they come in a variety of sizes. Be sure you have the right size.

If you do not have something to acurately measure the outside diameter of the seat post tube in milimeters then it might be a good idea to take your unicycle to a bicycle shop to see if they can help. They will likely charge you a premium price for a seat post clamp. I know that from experience. :frowning:

Another option, try contacting Tell them what type of unicycle you have and maybe they can help you.

what, just because its a uni?

No, just because it is a bike shop and they charge high prices.

I paid about $20 US for a seat post clamp about a year ago. That is a lot of money for a chunk of metal but the guy spent a long time digging through a lot of inventory looking for my size and I needed the clamp so I bought it. I paid for the clamp and good service.

On the tape / ruler you use to measure your seatpost.

There are a number of standard sizes, look 'em up in a catalog or something. Unless you have a custom frame, your post should be one of those sizes.

I’ve got Odyssey clamps (a BMX parts mfr.) on two of my unis.

Just remember that bicyclists measure the outer diameter of the frame, [SIZE=2]rather than the diameter of the seatpost as unicyclists tend to (for simplicity’s sake). So a clamp for a uni with a 22.2mm seatpost has an inner diameter larger than 22.2mm (I’m pretty sure its 25.4mm). Be aware of this difference in how clamps are measured if you buy from a non-unicycle source.

IMO the best way is to take your unicycle to a good bike shop and have them measure your frame’s OD with vernier calipers if you’re at all unsure of its diameter.

I suspect most bikers are like unicyclists–they tend to know their seatpost size (like 22.2 or 25.4 or 27.2) but don’t have a clue about the outer diameter of their seat tube. I’ve owned probably 10 decent bikes in my life, and couldn’t tell you the OD of any of them, but I know the seatpost size of each.

To measure the size you need, borrow some calipers from somebody and measure it, as TonyMelton suggests, then look online for a clamp. Not all work the same, though, so I suggest not going for the cheapest solution. If you want a quick release, Salsa Fliplock and Hope Seat Clamp have gotten the thumbs up from many muni riders. If you want a bolt-type, get a BMX one with double bolts. A bad clamp makes your seat spin around easily, and is generally far more trouble than any little savings would offset.

if you want a bolt i suggest a primo viking or an old school mongoose triple bolt.

salsa makes some hardcore single bolt clamps (if they withhold the force of a 5thflip…)

Check out your local bike shop. They can probably help you. Though most bike applications use larger diameter pots and therefore clamps than unicycles.