Do all u guys swear by the levelling system?

lmao… I cant even wheel walk but I can 360 unispin… guess where I put the unicycle level system… up my a_ _

Hello Max.

The levels are also (in addition to a lot of things already said about them in this thread) a very handy tool for someone who wants to know what to learn next.

Some people like them, some people don’t. Like so many things in life.
If you don’t like them, don’t do them. If you like the idea work for them.
Personally I don’t want to take any more tests myself, but i’m happy to administer the UUU levels scheme because I can see so many young people at uni meets who do want to work towards certificates.

I ride so i can have fun, not so I can have a little pin to put on my jacket…I don’t go down the list of skills, trying to get them one by one, I just hear about something on here, and if sounds likeI might be able to do it, I work at it till I can…it’s all about the fun for me

yes i agree, its just about fun, if u find it fun going through all the levels then do it
i dont however

It seems that in addition to the levels 1-10, there are literally countless “variations” on each, and more new tricks being “invented” all the time. Maybe there should be separate levels for trials, modified from freestyle, if that hasn’t been done yet. ( I’m a noob, not knowing much about it, so that’s probably already in effect?) :thinking:

yeh i think we should come up with some new leveling system for both trials and muni’ing

yeah, having trials levels, Muni level, street levels, freestyle, giraffe, uw, and bc levels (i think i got most of the unicycling type lol) wouldnt be bad but if we did that, then we would see how much each level from other riding styles are the same for a lot of the styles.

So maybe if we got new levels that pull in all riding styles, then we wont be learning one style, but a whole combination of styles, i think that would help a lot of ppl with their diversity in riding =p

nods in agreement

I try to learn stuff on it… but I don’t follow it completely. Mounting with other foot is a skill that I feel is completely useless in terms of acutally feeling like a “trick” fore xample.

Granted, but in a situation where you need to get back on your uni as fast as possible (I’m thinking of a UniHoki game - surprise, surprise), being able to mount with your vanilla foot can save you a lot of time, and a goal or two.

guess where they put UniHoki… up their a_ _

Only “riding” your unicycle like it’s a pogo stick is supposed to be cool!
Being able to ride a fig. 8 or doing ww (or UniHoki) is not.

I disliked the level system when it started along time ago and I still dislike it. I am only a level 1 because I half to retest everything because of the changes that were made, and I think I will stay a 1 maybe 2 because I put very little weight in the levels as far as telling how “good” some one is. But some people need the levels as a confidence booster, more power to them. Not for me though.

Lol, same. I’d probably be a level 3 by now if it weren’t for the mounts. But then again, I just learn what I enjoy learning.

The only level that everyone should follow is level 1.

im like 4 maybe 5 i dont really follow it unless i get bored w/ the street tricks im learning at the time

As a street rider and a freestyler i use the level’s. I don’t like all the stuff on the levels but i still do them.

just to say…

i hate it too…

i still don’t know it… but i already hate it.

Man, can I think of a bunch of jobs for you.

though I am not trying to follow the levels (because I am too slow a learner)
I do not think the principle of levels is bad … but is it accurate?
I mean there seems to be interesting notions in it (like bi-laterality) but sometimes one wonder why this trick is precisely here.
Is it a bible for eternity or is there an explicit rationale document behind it?

People like John Foss will be able to answer that question with more authority.
It’s always been my understanding that it is an evolving, developing document but that the process of development is a slow and steady one.