Do all u guys swear by the levelling system?

i mean, i think it is okay, but a lot of the stuff isn’t too important, i mean, i am into MUnicycling, and as long as i can do what i want i couldn’t really care if i can turn regularly in a tight figure eight circle, or mount 10 different ways
is this the same with most of u “others”

I don’t think most strict Munisits pay much attention to the freestlye skill levels.
Do whatever interests you, and whatever you find fun.

not all Freestylers like them.
I think they’re the best rating system that’s out there for freestyle.

Yeh it is good for Freestyle but i ride street and dont tend to look at it i think im level 3/4 but not too sure il have to check.
I think people should use it if they ride freestyle but trials street and MUni has no need for it really, but it is a good system gives you somthing to do i guess.


I’ve been seriosuly riding for almost 3 years now, and I pretty much ignore the system. I started off as a muni’ist, so some stuff I ignored, like idling. Hopping I find is more practical for muni, which is why I only nailed idling last week. I also just started backwards riding. Skippii 's right, do what interests you, instead of what someone else thinks you should know. Aren’t most of us in this sport because it interests us? :wink:

well, i never even understood that leveling stuff…
but i’m new at the forum so…
where can i find more info on it?!

I sorta half-follow it - I think it was put into place more as an incentive for people to learn different tricks, to sort of jump-start the process, which would explain why most people aren’t past level 3 or 4. I just pick and choose random skills from random levels to work on.

I use the system to see my progress or to get new ideas, I don’t live and die by it.:wink:

I ride street and i think the system will help with the fundimentals of street riding as well as some more advanced stuff.
I think the best thing to do is pick the skills that you will find useful in whatever riding you do.

Oh and the levels are good for giving you something to work towards

I could be wrong though :thinking:

I don’t worry about reaching any particular level. I ride mostly Muni and concentrate only on the skills that will enhance my riding style.

Re: Do all u guys swear by the levelling system?

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> i mean, i think it is okay, but a lot of the stuff isn’t too important,
> i mean, i am into MUnicycling, and as long as i can do what i want i
> couldn’t really care if i can turn regularly in a tight figure eight
> circle, or mount 10 different ways
> is this the same with most of u “others”
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The levels have no meaning at all for me: I just want to do what I want to
do, and don’t care one bit about silly little badges. But they are there
for those that think differently, some want to measure their ability against
others and or targets and this provides one standard way to do it.


i dont really go by it at all. i go by my levels…im a trials rider i dont care about tight circles or different mounts…i only need one, static.

I totally agree with that,

in order to learn smooth trial and street, the levels are a good basis.

It helps a lot to be able to ride seat in front forward and backward for example. The levels give a nice progression to that making you learn riding backwards and riding sif. Moreover, you first learn them straight right and then i you want to master it you have to learn to turn, the circles and figure 8 are a really good way to have it strong.

I try to follow them when it’s possible. Even if a skill seams useless, it helps you to know the behaviour of the uni and your balance and it may be usefull in a situation you don’t imagine. Obviously i am not taking the example of the hoptwist or riding in tight circles. And i landed the unispin some time ago to.

When i learn a new trick, i like knowing i own the basics so the learning procedure will be as short as possible, that’s why i learn the leveled skills in parallel with street and trial training.


levels are for non level headed unicyclists.

^pun intended

no but i really hate the levels. i like to do really hard tricks, big spins. all that kind of stuff. its more impressive that ‘ride one footed backward in a figure 8’. theres no challenge and no redeeming value in that for me. and no one should be impressed by that.

…no one should be impressed by that? I don’t get that…most people I pass are impressed just from me riding normally…

Dont dogg the levels man !!! They are the key to full uni control. They make you and the uni become one.

Dont be a hater

if you think the lvls are not a chalange, post a vid of you doing most of the stuff from lvl 8 - 10, theres a challenge =p

but actually im not to into them though either, but its good to know them, they really help with a lot of things that you can then use for trials or whatever style your into, and vise versa

The 10 level tricks arent necessarily super impressive even though they can be very challenging. (like what chosen was talking about). I think of them as base skills to use to work off of, to learn other tricks. They’re many skills that require you to learn with either foot, which will help you not become too dominate on one side. They can also help you with street and trials. Learning to ride seat in front, forwards and backwards is helpful for trials because it can give you more control over your riding. There are many many more interesting freestyle tricks not in the levels. Learning to ride in a circle or figure 8 just shows more mastery of the skill.

Well ive been riding for 4 years, maybe 2 seriusly riding, I started out with the skills, then went muni, then to street and trials…I think the skills are best for keeping unicyclists well balanced, it teaches you to use both feet, and turn in both directions, so your not relaly good in turning in one direction or mounting with one foot, but yet when you need to use the other your screwed,…The skills are great for learning and are used alot for performances…but some tricks are a lil outa position…like 180 unispin…that should no be level 10, im level 7 and I can 540 unispin, but I cant for hte life of me coast backwards or any of that crap…

and the official rules at

I am officially only a Level Two, though I have at least another fifteen skills from levels as high as Six (backward figure eight, backspin). I abandoned the levels system after passing Two, and I don’t involve myself with it much these days. I have a lot of issues with our levels system. I won’t get myself started on that tonight though; I need to get some sleep, heh…