Do all 20 inch unis have 19 inch rims, or just some of them?

Mostly, I’m interested in knowing if the torkers do.
Am I correct in assuming that 20-inch BMX tires don’t fit on most 20-inch unicycles?
And how do you know if a 20 inch tire is supposed to fit on a 20-inch rim or a 19-inch rim? :thinking:

as far as i know it’s the trials rims that don’t fit 20 inch tires, rims like monty, arrow, and alex, won’t fit bmx tires

The torkers have real 20" rims. All 20" bmx tires will fit on 20" rims.Its the trials tires that only fit 19" rims.A trials tire will not fit the torker 20" rim.BMX tires will.


There’s some knobby 20"s on clearence for $2 each…I’ll have to tell the gang about it.

You have to be careful when you say thing like that. Remember that Alex and Arrow make many models of rims. They make both 19 inch Mod rims and normal 20 inch rims used for BMX, kid’s bikes, and recumbents.

The Alex DX 32 and the Aarow DHX are available in 19 inch Mod Rims.