Do air cushioned seats help.

I just started riding again. It has ben 20 plus years and I do remember being saddle sore years ago. But all I have to say is my A$$ hurts! Do the air cushioned seats and or seat kits help. Just wondering before I spend the cash. Or are the gel seats any better.

I know it will get better with time but I want to keep riding. Just riding around the block and stuff no tricks or anything. Right now I am just amazed that I can still do it.


Yes air seats are awesome. I modded my torker lx seat into an air seat and it is soooooo comfy. It cost(s)(ed)?? $40 for the air seat part and the fusion cover. It is way worth it I think but I have never tried a gel seat either.

I think it’s just too springy and it bounces you off the saddle.

I bought a KH air seat several years ago which I did not like. It is sitting on the shelf. The more recent air seats might be better. The gel seats are good. What I have seen of seats from 20 years ago is that they were brutal. Any of the KH style foam or gel seats should be way better than what you had 20 years ago.

I recommend the 07 KH Fusion Freeride Saddle.


insanely comfortable for me

I’ve tried both the air and the gel seat for my coker, and so my professional opinion is that air seats are better than regular seats, but gel seats are the BEST Jerry the BEST.
Go with gel.

Seat comfort is a personal thing. There are no absolutes, except for yourself. Take all the advice, then try stuff if you have the opportunity. Also wear some proper bike shorts or other clothes with minimal seams. The best seat in the world is still going to have problems if you’re wearing cutoff jeans (like we used to wear many years ago)!

You’re either too light (at age 13), or you have too much air in it. It’s not a tire. It should be mushy, with just enough air that you don’t bottom-out on it.

The most comfortable seats I have are my air seats, but I don’t own any gel seats. Also I like my more recent KH seats.

me too

Ah! :slight_smile: Those were the days. We cut them off so short, the pockets would hang out.

I have done hard rubber seats, regular foam seats, air seats, air plus foam seats, gel seats, and multilayered foam seats. The two worst were the rubber and air seats.

The problem I have with the air seats is that if I had it too pumped up it would bounce, and if it was mushy then it would work its way to parts no seat should go and if I could find that middle area it would usualy displace my seating arrangements and for the first time ever, hurt my balls, which no other seat has managed to do.

I found the best seat by far was the dual density (multilayered foam) KH seat I bought from Bedford (who I think is/was the only carrier of them). It was really forgiving like an air saddle yet it wouldn’t work it didn’t really change shape that much, just compressed in the right areas.

Still though as you can tell from the range of ideas and beliefs there is no perfect seat. Everyone has their own ideas on what they like and don’t like.

You just have to try it yourself. I really really hate airseats. They’re comfortable for about 2.5 minutes then they just feel like crap. I prefer the nimbus gel, fusion street, fusion freeride, or the old kh fusion. Airseats are just terrible for me

Oh man, im sorry for you!

The lx seat comes off by unclamping the metal clips. You then use a 12-inch tube that cost about 5-8 dollars from almost any store that sells bike tubes.

Remove the foam, drill a hole into the base for the valve to go through, insert the tube, lay the cover back on, tighten those clamps again. Fill up tube. Ride.

What is the main difference between the Fusion street and the Freeride. Is the Freeride thicker. Other than that are they of similar dimensions. I have a Torker LX now while it is a heck of alot better than the one’s from 30 years ago. It is still pretty hard on the butt bone. On my first uni from years ago the seat looked like a giant sanitary napkin and had about the same amount of padding, it sucked! Then when you fell the seat got tore up in about one afternoon and duct tape became a integral part of the saddle.

By the way ntappin what you will find out as you get older gravity on men is similar as on women. As you get older your junk starts to hang lower and sitting on it becomes a real concern!

Thanks for the help and opinions it is helping with my decision.


The fusion street is alot skinnier and slimmer than the freeride, but the freeride is more comfortable and has a nice groove in it. I recommend the freeride.