Do a "Cat walk"

We were out for our nightly ride and we had people on ten different occasions call out “Do a cat walk” “Cat Walk” etc.

What’s with that? They have stopped asking: “where your other wheel” and have moved on to “Do a Cat Walk”. So far our only response is to tell them: “We are”.

Do you guys know of any other possible snappy comebacks? Also, is this a fairly common cry?

What most people refer to as a catwalk is a wheelie on a bike (front end up while pedalling). A real catwalk refers to an aerial motocross move where the rider moves his body to one side and walks in the air beside his bike.

What I meant was: Since a b*ke catwalk is riding on one wheel, why do they keep asking a unicyclist do a catwalk? Also what is an appropriate response?

Any response is appropriate to an irrational request. You might perhaps say, “I have some carrots,” or “ducks have nine toes”, or “winter in peanut butter comes turquoise” and you will have properly addressed their request.

Re: Do a “Cat walk”

I haven’t used it much, when someone says
“You’re missing your other wheel”

I slowly say:
“No. It’s a u n i c y c l e”

They act like I don’t know I’m riding one wheel.
I act like they don’t know what a unicycle is. :sunglasses:

Re: Re: Do a “Cat walk”

That’s excellent. Especially the s-l-o-w part so they can understand.

Brilliant. Purely brilliant. I think I can use this at work too!

hahaha im gonna use the " I have some carrots" thats awesome…


The proper response is:

“Of course. A cat don’t skip, a cat don’t hop.”

From the description, it would appear that cat walk is about equal to wheel walk. Show them you can do it if you can. Or glide away.

I used to get a lot of “Do a wheelie!” I would respond one of two ways:

  • Do a wee-wee??
  • It IS a wheelie.

Just yell something about their mom. That trumps all.

i.e.“Where’s your other wheel?”

“your mum has it”

I think I’ll leave that one 'til I’m out with a couple of bouncers.


You’ll be fine if you’re on a coker!:smiley:

… is that true? :astonished:

Did you know that 42.6% of all facts are made up on the spot.

Did you know that one out of every two people who see a municyclist will say: “I can barely ride on two wheels.”

One of these statements is true. Or both of them. I forget.

Re: Do a “Cat walk”

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 21:09:57 -0600, “munipsycho” wrote:

>Did you know that 42.6% of all facts are made up on the spot.

I’ve heard that as:
42.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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