DMR V12 magnesium Pedals

I have used these pedals on my mountain bike for over four years, they are truly excelent. They are made in the UK and were recently rated 10/10 in Mountain Biking UK Magazine. They truly last for ages with virtually no maintanance at all. If you want a great Miuntain bike or unicycle pedal that will last for ever then this is for you. The V12 Magnesium is £50, the regular V12 Alloy is £40 and the V8 is £20. Type ti in to google or go to

I’ve been using the regular V12 for quite a while, have you considered that because unicycles get dropped on the pedals more frequently than bikes the more brittle magnesium pedal might break when used on unicycles? Have ou actually used it on a unicycle or is this purely bike experience?

I’ve been using magnesium pedals on my coker for about two months now, which isn’t much but that thing has taken some huge drops and falls without them cracking, I don’t think it’s much of an issue. The kind of stresses you would need to crack it would probalby damage the crank also considerably, or at least blow the bearings out first. It also depends on quality and manufacturing process too, I’m useing an 2 year old set of specialized pedals, not the low pro mags though.

I have only used the V8´s which is basically the same thing as the V12´s but with less exotic materials etc. I must say the grip in those are fantastic. Much better then the Jim C pedals.

there is a new product out there taht I saw everywhere at moab they were pedal protecotors, little rubber things for the end of your pedals

somone post a freakin picture

how about a link (I hope it’s a link, i don’t know how that works) I just ordered myself a pair, saw them Saturday at a ride.

and what is that supose to do ?

what does it look like it’s supposed to do? I’m getting them so when my coker hits the ground at 15mph it lessens the shock on the pedals and the cranks so my pedal bearings don’t get trashed and so my cranks don’t take as much of a direct hit.

fexnix, the point of the the V8s is the bearings rather than the materials used, they do not have seals to stop crap getting in the bearing, and they don’t have the removable pins of the V12, otherwise they are the same.

that was the etc. part :wink:
My point still is they are both great pedals.