DM Vortex

Thinking very seriously about geting this uni:

Is it worth the money, or is it overpriced? Would the 2005 KH w/brakes be as good? If so, it would be waaay less $$. But I sure think the DM is the coolest looking muni I’ve seen! (IMHO)

You can order it, if you will buy me one too!:smiley:
Seriously, that looks cooooooooooooool! If you got the $, go for it!

accoring to someone, somewhere i read it once… i think it was jagur… its over priced and outdated… all it is, is a muni with a hunter frame… granted that is very cool… i think the KH would be a better choice strenght wise and money wise…


its super hot but the kh is prolly better

what about this one?

same situation, if they arent that much more than the kh, i would get one of those, cuz they look cooler

edit:there both more expensive but they still look better

that one’s about $1,000 MORE than the KH freeride; which reminds me, what is the main diference between the KH freeride and the XC? There’s only $6 difference in price. Which one is preferred for muni? They look basically the same.

It’s not a Hunter, its a DM frame. Somewhat similar styles though.

If it was my money, I’d get the KH. These dinosaurs were advanced when they first came out, but the KH is probably at least as good.

…however, if you’ve got the cash and you want to stand out, that’s a different story.

ones got a lighter and smaller rim/tire setup

yeah, i think that was me, it was a good muni at the time but KH muni’s are have better brake mounts (Magura) and cost alot less…

if you really like it, you may be able to work a deal with…they probobly want to get rid of those since they are most likely dead stock at this point.

i wouldnt pay full price thats for sure, you just get alot more with the KH’s.

With the Vortex you have to pay an extra $100, but then both it and the Wilder come with a Profile crankset (lifetime warranty). That’s a plus.

The story on the Vortex was to look for a logical extension of the Hunter frame, using the theory of small, high-quality bicycle tubing instead of lesser-quality fat tubing. But less of it. To me it looks better than the Hunter design.

The Wilder is a gorgeous piece of hand-made aluminum art, at least as long as you get the red one. :slight_smile: I think it’s the only hand-made aluminum unicycle on the market. Very sweet.

Both of those unicycles (and a few others) are so high-priced because they are made by hand, by the guys who make the rest of the cycles. Labor cost and time-per-frame are very high. By contrast, today’s KH frames are mass-produced in a factory in Taiwan (or China?). Each frame probably takes less than 1/10th the time to make, and the labor cost is much less.

Those cycles were top-of-the-line when they came out, but they have been superseded in most ways. The high prices are still justified by their rarity and historical value. If you have the money, why not? You’ll be helping out those builders. There won’t be many more of them made, if any…

not really, im pretty sure the builders have already been paid for there stock. its only the seller that can be helped now.

the only thing the builder may get at this point is respect.

Those are like the muni equivalents of a nice, hand-built sports car, like a TVR or something. Not the most practical, or the best value, but worth it for the looks, quality and rarity!

They are pretty damn expensive, but everyone has a KH, and if I had the money I would get one!

As for the difference between the two KHs, the Freeride has the widest KH rim, a 3" tyre and 165mm cranks, whereas the XC has a rim that’s about 5mm or so narrower, a 2.6" tyre, 150mm cranks and weighs half a kilo less.

It’s a heavier, supposedly not that stiff frame which might makes a difference to how well your maguras work, doesn’t have a proper magura mount, has a choice of a heavy old technology splined hub of unknown strength, or a similarly old technology profile hub, and doesn’t even say it comes with a rail seatpost.

It does look pretty, but in every other respect, the KH is surely going to be way better.

If you really want to throw away lots of money on a frame that looks nice, you could get a whole KH and a custom built hunter frame with brake bosses added for less money (from


No need for that, you can get pre-built Hunter munis from in the US. Still pretty expensive, but cheaper than a DM or Wilder.

Just a thought, but if you want a flash muni, there are still carbon fibre munis for sale on Yours for a mere £700 plus shipping :sunglasses:

Or you could even wait for the KH/Schlumpf, now there’s a uni that’s really going to be worth forking out for!

go through Rick Hunter directly and you can have it customized…and get better colors than "red or “blue”.

why buy a generic stock Hunter frame when you can go straight through the builder for the same price?

then send the frame to U-turn for the final wheel build.

i think i referd you to that one…it looks really kool and its got profiles and the hunter frame…i would get one if i had the money for it but alas i do not


Contact Joe Merrill on this message board. I believe he goes by screen name NYCJOE. He was riding a DM for the longest time, and may still be riding it.

The Hunter is a favorite frame of mine. I came Soooo close to buying one before I bought my current Lyte Rider/ Wilder frame(just like John Long’s broken frame). The Hunter frame is most likely lighter than the DM Vortex frame.

When you see a Hunter frame up close, they are like a work of art. Very clean welds and a very nice paint job. You can’t go wrong with the Hunter!


I thought his screen name was Merrill, but haven’t seen him post in some time. John_Childs also owns a DM Vortex, so you might PM him for some feedback since he hasn’t chimed in yet.

I’ve owned a Hunter for four years now, and can’t praise it enough. It’s been a rock solid frame, takes the kind of beating that only an inept rider can give it, and has been zero maintenance. Only thing I’ve done in four years is bleed the brake, and even then I got JC to do it for me, so zero maintenance record was maintained.

If I was buying today instead of four years ago, I’d take that $1200 and instead of getting one Hunter or one DM, I’d get the 24" KH AND the 29" KH. Why settle for one when you could have both? Classics are great to own, but I’d rather have a full quiver of specialized arrows.

$.02, TB

No need to send me the frame for a wheel build; just email me about what you want done.

Even better, I can handle the project for you and then everything will be custom-fit (brake lines, seat tube, seat post, color) and precisely put together. I do this all the time in coordination with Rick and it works out very well.

We could also do a LiveWire wheel on the DM frame, but I’d have to check with to see if they’d sell only the frame.

Thanks for the plug, Jag!