DM/Miyata seat recycling combo

If you’ve used one of Dave Mariner’s seats
for a while you’ve probably found that the
moulded foam starts to tear and fragment
after a while. Despite this I think they are
very comfortable and don’t want to give them
up entirely.

Now, when I converted my Miyata to an airseat,
I replaced the white and green cover with a
leather one from Roger.

It recently dawned on me that the spare cover
might fit rather nicely over the DM, and protect
the foam from further damage. It turns out that
it makes a very snug and neat-looking fit. I had
to punch some holes around the edge of the cover
and lace it up to make it stay on, but the result
is worth the effort.

Just a shame I can’t find my blue miyata cover to
go with my blue Primo tyre.

I imagine the vinyl or leather covers you can get
from Roger would work just as well.

Arnold the Aardvark