DK Iron Crosses (magnesium)

i swapped my Shimano DX platforms for a set of magnesium dk iron crosses.

these things are heavy,even the mag.version is heavier than the alluminum Shimano’s i traded.

i know that magnesium isnt very strong when it comes to slamming pavment but i just wanted to check them out and they are quite grippy.the pins on the Shimanos were getting all messed up because they are such skinny little things,and replacement pins are impossible to find so i figured i’d just go for it.

im going to proceed to beat the crap out of these DK’s for awile and then i’ll post a reveiw in Checkernut’s review thread.

When you give the pedals an overhaul check how many bearings they have inside. Some of the heavy duty BMX pedals have like two or three sealed cartridge bearings per pedal. Standard sealed bearing platform pedals usually just have one cartridge bearing and a bushing. It would be good to know what they have inside of the Iron Cross.

I hope the magnesium holds up for you.

hey John,

i o-hauled them already and i think they must be an older version because they are loose ball pedals,13 tiny bearings on each side.

i looked on there site and the only Mag. version offered comes sealed with chromed spindles,mine are loose ball with a non-chromed spindle.(strange eh?)

i could trade back but the pins on the DX’s are you think the Magnesium is going to crumble.

Strange yes. A properly maintained “unsealed” pedal can run just as smoothly as a sealed pedal so it’s not a big deal since you know how to maintain it.

I have never used a magnesium pedal so I can’t speculate on how it will hold up. That’s why I’m curious. It’s a beefy pedal with excess metal so I suspect it will do OK.

I have the Azonic A-frames which are nicely grippy and aesthetically super but was surprised to find inside only one bearing cartridge. What are some pedals that have more than one?

I have the sealed version and still need to overhaul them. I’ll let you guys know when I do though.

I really cant feel the weight of my pedals when I’m riding, the DK’s stick to my feet well when I’m jumping and feel quite smooth when riding.


The Gack Juggernaut pedals and the Profile GAS pedals both have three sealed bearings per pedal

There are some BMX pedals that have two bearings per pedal, but I don’t know which brands/models.

I’m also curious about if the Brooklyn Machine Works Shinburgers have more than one sealed bearing per pedal.

Profiles have 3, Ringle ZuZu’s have 2, Crupis have 3, BMW’s have 3, Gacks have 3. dont really know about any of the others…

Well that answers my question about the Shinburgers.
It’s a pitty the Shinburgers are so heavy.

yup. well I think they have 3.

I have been trying to learn what size the Azonic-A-Frame platform is. I did not find this information on Azonic’s website and Azonic Europe never responded to my e-mail.
Would you let me know, please?

from products link at

They look really nice and grip well. The flat bit in the middle can get iced up in cold weather, but I’ve found no other downsides yet (except for being expensive).

Thanks - I am still looking for the exact dimensions of the platform.

Have fun,

The wide dimension is 10cm, from the axle/platform boundary out. The long, foot-parallel dimension is about 8.5cm, not including the slanty part which your foot doesn’t touch.

I appreciate the information; I had been looking for those details for quite some time now.

Have fun,

At your service! bows

I just measured my iron crosses they are approx. 9.5cm square. or about 3 3/4 " That is just the size of the platform, if you count the bit of the spline (from side to crank) they are another 1/2" wide or 1.2 cm wider