DK Iron Cross Pedals

These have to be the most grippy pedals I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding on.

+They have a huge platform with big steel pins.
+CroMo axles
+beefy strong design
+Grip and lotts of it

  • Sweet Iron Cross Design
  • sealed bearings
  • Heavy compaired to most other pedals
  • Grip and lots of it ( I have had 1 dismount where my foot didnt come off of one pedal and I somehow scraped my upper arm on the other pedal)
  • one of the pins popped out and stripped part of the treads on its way out. I use this as my grind/grab side of the pedal now and It hasnt been that big of a problem
  • pins can tear your leg in half if your not careful

I got them as a gift so I cant coment on price, but I probably would have gotten them anyway.

Great for Muni and Trials. I have been really happy with them since I put them on my uni. I would recomend them to anyone who is looking for new pedals.