DJ memorial ride 17th May [uk]

Whos up for the DJ memorial ride this year? Portsmouth, sunday the 17th of may. Lets show the bikers how it is done :smiley: Let us know if your coming so we can arange to meet up and ride together.


Anyone intrested?

Does anyone know how to contact Mike Taylor? I text him but he hasnt got back to me. Does he use this forum?

I’m intrested allright, would be nice to ride different spots.
You got some room where I could stay for the weekend?
I will see how much this trip would set me back first.

That would be awesome if you could make it. What day would you get here? I am staying at my brothers for the weekend. You can stay there as well, as long as you dont mind sleeping on the floor. My brother lives in portsmouth near fratton train station. I was planning on riding on the saturday as well then on the sunday we can just ride from my brothers to the meet at guildhall.

bumping again. Less than a week now.