DIY Unicycle Work Stand

I’ve been wanting to make a work stand for my unis, so I made this:

Thanks Terry for sharing!

Seems like a great and simple way to improve uni mechanic time at home :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I forgot to show that you can also put the uni upside down as well, making it easier to remove/replace the wheel.

Great stand, the open plastic pipe T holder is brilliant.

Very nice tutorial. I have been to the local hardware store and managed to find everything but the 1x1x1/2 T fitting with open front and threaded 1/2 section :frowning:

I searched online and was not able to find a website selling a part like this. The closest I found was the same part but closed…

Have you cut the part open yourself ?
++> if yes, do you remember how narrow/wide did you cut to get the proper clamping ?
++> if no, do you still have the reference at hand and the shop so I can try to track it down ?

It is frustrating to be so close and it looks even more useful IRL :smiley:

He cut it himself.

Thanks for posting! It will help me a lot. :wink:

Nice video, thx for posting. (Minor correction: it looks like the pipe elbow is 90 deg, not a 45.)


Thanks Guys. And @Lance, thanks for pointing that out. Made correction using annotation.

display stand


This is just a cool (cheap) plywood stand that I made for my uni’s. I keep some uni’s up on wall mounts, but I like to keep several on “display” on the floor. Thought I would share. I like to make stuff. Jeff C