DIY powdercoat

Harbor Frieght Tools is offering a complete powdercoating system for $60 on sale.

I recently purchased one and let me say, its a great deal. I powdercoated a KH trials all white and a Yuni Muni yellow and black. It seems like the system is trash, but its really really nice. Everything comes out super nice…even better if you sand blast the items before coating.

So, for all those who want cheap powdercoating…check this out.

whoa nice. who got the white KH? it would look nice and different from the black KH, cuz black is the only color available.


Any pics or your painted rides?


do you already have a powdercoat oven?

You don’t even really need a “powder coat” oven. Any oven will do fine, as long as it can go above 400 degrees and can fit the part you are coating.

To answer your question, no, I dont have a powdercoat oven.

I’ll post some pictures when I find my camera (and when shadowuni puts his KH back together :stuck_out_tongue: )

woot! Found my camera. Here’s my Yuni Muni. Pictures of the KH will be up later.

does heating it up weaken it in any way?

Do you mean does heating the frame weaken it?

If thats what you mean, then no. 400 degrees isn’t enough heat to affect the metal that unicycle frames are made of, structurally anyway. Sure, it’ll make it hot for a few minutes, but thats about all.

Nick that looks awesome man. we’re definately doing my unis lime green when I get back. And you’re brining like 8 SWAT stickers up to NYMWE for me.

You gotta order that powdercoat from Eastwood if you want that color. Harbor Freight only carries red, black, white, and yellow.

If anyone is looking for different colors, check out the 27 pages of powdercoat colors that eastwood has

Uh, so please tell me you didn’t put it in your kitchen oven??? :astonished: :smiley:

nope he did it at his dad’s work. Would there be any problem for doing it in your kitchen oven? because I kinda planned on it.

Wow thats pretty nice.what color was it before?

Actually, that’s what guys did when powdercoating was first introduced, so you can, if you are comfortable with it. I’d leave the windows open, just to be safe though, as a little bit of fumes are produced. The best thing to do though is find an oven that someone is throwing out and snag that.

It was chrome before. Chrome is getting old :frowning:

Ok, the KH is put together. We’ve nick-named it “The Ghost”


Looks awesome. Check the SWAT mail though for angering news…

Still no draw bolt huh???

:: Pevlic Thrust ::

Wow… that looks awesome. I should just try and get some work at a powder coating company when I get older, and see if I can use their powder coating thingies. That’d be the wicked.

You powder coated that rim right? If you did I’d like to ask a few questions. When after it’s taken off and powder coated, is it hard to put back on with the spokes and all? Just need a little bit of knowledge? Do you need new spokes? Thanks for all help you can give me, I wanna customise my uni like that :frowning:

Me two,but first i wanna get a uni that doesnt fall apart on cue.

Nope, its not at all hard to put the spokes back on. The nipples still had some room to fit, and this is probably because there were no threads in the holes. Most powdercoat guides recommend that you put the powdercoat on at .004 of an inch. That doesn’t make a difference in a hole that doesn’t have threads (on a unicycle at least).

Nope, you don’t need new spokes after dissassembling and powder coating the rim. Although, if you’ve had them in for a while, and they are like butter, it probably wouldn’t hurt. However, for the KH, we just used the old spokes.

I say get it done. Its easier than paint, cleaner than paint, tougher, and looks nicer.

Any more questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks for that. I dunno if I’ll get it done yet, it’s just quite tempting. I’m sure it would be easier just to get the frame done though. A nice green frame would be wicked though. Just gotta think what colour for the rim would work well with the green.