DIY MUni/Trials upgrade

I had an epiphany last night: I am a DIY-type person. I love setting up my basses, adding hard drives to my computer, etc. So, I decided another upgrade to my battered Torker LX is in order (I already upgraded to an air seat and better pedals). So, I would like to do more MUni/Trials stuff, and fear that I will eventually taco my wheel (I’m a pretty big guy), so I have decided to build myself a wheel (using the online tutorial that is linked in another forum). So, I think I would use the following parts:
Qu-Ax splined hub (
Alex DX32 rim (
Spokes (maybe get them locally, or for $.40 apiece on UDC)
And I thought that the Maxxis would be a good choice for a MUni/trials combo (0
So, what do you lot think? Will it work? Would it be a substantial enough upgrade to warrant the cost? Is wheelbuilding simple enough to do?

Wheel building is rather simple, just take your time and do it right.

That wheel and that hub might not fit your frame so check that out first.


I would go for a Try-All Stik-E tyre.

It’s much better if you’re gonna be doing muni with it too, I found the creepy crawler a bit slippy and in mud it clogs too easily.

Sounds good otherwise.


EDIT: That link is to the UK, I just looked on the US site and couldn’t find the Try-All. You’ll be able to get one somewhere though I would think.

Sorry, but that tire/rim combo WILL NOT fit that frame. Nor will any combination of tires for that rim.

In fact, that frame wont fit much of anything.

Alright, I’ll add a frame to the list. A Nimbus, maybe (I have a Nimbus 29" that I love dearly):

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to track one down, or just have Roger send me one.

if you’re gonna be making a wheelset and getting a frame, you might want to consider a little extra outlay for a kh seat, a post, and some pedals. That way you’d have two unicycles, and everyone knows you have to collect as many unicycles as possible in your time on this earth.

I wouldn’t worry about the frame much past clearance issues, from what everyone keeps on saying in this forum they don’t need to be top of the line to stay together, something else will give first - so pick something you like aesthetically.

If you’re dropping 200$+ for this stuff though, it might be cool to consider an extra 50 to complete the uni. Don’t forget to order a rim strip/tape! :smiley:

Hmm. You have a point. Maybe I’m just better off buying a new uni? For example, maybe the '06 Torker DX? UCD indicates that it has a splined hub, but eBay sellers don’t say. Info?

Yes the DX is splined, and genreally comes pretty highly reccommended as a beginner trials uni.


First: That is just the hub, it does not come with the cranks, which you need. This is what you want:

Ok, here is another problem. The DX32 has 36 holes while the QU-AX hub has 48. If you want to use that Hub you will need this rim: it has 48 holes.

I like that tire. The TryAll tire is harder to get in the US I think.

I think that wheel will be good and plenty strong. but if I were you I would get KH hub ( and cranks and a KH rim ( This would give you a lighter wheelset and wider rim.

Oh, right. Thanks. Evidently the UDC people just copied and pasted, as the description reads " Model 2095-7. Features a 10-spline CrMo Axle hardened, with aluminium shell, CrMo cranks, including screws and spacers."

Thanks for the heads-up, but I really wanted a 24" wheel for MUni. Looks like I have to rethink my hub/rim approach.

Ouch. That’s a bit expensive (a bit out of my price range). Thank you for taking the time to respond in such detail, though. I might just end up getting the Torker DX '06, as that’s a lot cheaper.

I have the '05 DX and I LOVE it. The 06 DX looks even better.

The '06 Torker DX’s are no longer a beginner trials unicycle. Calling it a begginer unicycle is too much of an understatement.

UDC spokes, QuAx Cranks and hub, Freeride Rime, Duro 24X3tire, 24X3 tube, and rim strip would cost you $203.40. You’d have to skip every 4th hole on the hub to make it fit–this would probably work just fine, as far as I know (but I’ve never tried it.)
If you went with the KH hub that actually fits, it’ll cost a total of $295, which would be stupid because you can buy all that pre-made for the same exact price.

Of course, none of those will fit your current frame, so add $40 for a Yuni frame.

So in the end, you’d save about $86 with the QuAx hub over buying the QuAx muni, and $16 over the Torker DX 2006–and then you get pedals, a seat and seat post with it…and best of all, two complete unicycles.

Hmmm. You’re beginning to persuade me back to my DIY perspective. However, could I use the DX32 (I want it to be a 24", and the Freeride is 19") and that skipping-holes method?
That Duro tire looks good. The tire on Halfbike’s Onza is knobby like that, and he rides MUni and trials.
I’m not entirely sure I want another Uni. I am going off to college next year, and will probably be able to take no more than 1 or 2 (and I have high hopes for my Nimbus 29!). Also, the Torker LX I have now is pretty beat up (and covered with college stickers), so I probably couldn’t get much money out of it. I could loan it out, I guess…

The freeride is 24" and cheaper and wider (IIRC) than the DX32.

Man, I’m an idiot :roll_eyes: . Thanks. :wink:

As for the skipping-holes method, has anyone ever tried this? Does it work?

Alright, I’ve been searching for a rim that’s got 48 holes (I kind of don’t think it’s the best idea to use a 36 hole rim with a 48 hole hub), and I’ve found one, the Halo:
Also, Qu-Ax makes a 24" 48 hole rim. However, the Halo is 36mm and the Qu-Ax is 38.5mm. Will they work with a super-wide knobby tire such as the Duro?

I thought you were building up a 20", I dunno if Try-All make the Stik-E in 24" flavour.

After having upgraded my Muni to a Large Marge rim (24"), I would say the wider the better. Now I’m thinking about getting a wider rim for my trials uni…

Super wide tyres work better with super wide rims. If you can’t go super wide, go as wide as you can.


OK. The thread regarding the Duro tire seems to indicate that the minimum size for a rim is 25mm to work with the tire, so it looks like it will work. I’m going on Saturday to take some extreme Uni pics with halfbike, and am fulling intending to taco my rim :smiley: :smiley: . I will probably be investing in these upgrades shortly…