DIY Jousting Helmet

So I made what I think is a pretty nifty unicycle jousting helmet out of a couple of buckets I had laying around.

I’d say it’s pretty complete, I used a couple of spare nuts and bolts so I could move the sheild thing up and down, and I also look forward to possibly adding a few more things.

now I just need someone to joust with… :slight_smile:

helmet.pdf (841 KB)

Hey, I am up for some jousting (pm me)

That’s amazingly sweet. I thought it looked lame till I saw you spray painted it.

You going to knock two coconuts together as you ride too?

you need the head of a broom or something on the top, that would look better.

Plastic, are you sure thats a good choice material? :thinking:


I’d just like to say that is hilarious, also it might be smart to incorporate some sort of foam or padding.

I say you should stick spikes on it, then padding, and a fan to cool your head in it, then make a spike on top like a unicorns, but much longer, like what your jousting thingy it, then find a way like tie a rope around your ne(ck)…arm and Use that, use your head!

wearing that thing you’re just asking to get whacked in the head with something heavy.