Divide By 1

Here’s the video on the Divide By 1 ride along the GDMBR in 2009.

2700 miles on KH29s. Enjoy, and please consider donating to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help fight blood cancer.

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Donate to fight cancer

Keep on rollin’…

Amazing !! Words can’t really describe the epic adventure I’m sure. Thanks for doing the video. It was great to hear the commentary along the way. Certainly must have taken a truck-load of will power and strength to ride the whole Divide. Well done !! :smiley:

You guys are an inspiration :slight_smile:

Totally, totally awesome.

Congratulations on an awesome adventure! Thanks for posting that! My arse hurts just watching it. :smiley:

yeah… after that trip i was thinking of founding the Iron Taint Club for anyone who’s ridden a century on a non-geared uni.

What an amazing journey and adventure! Truly inspiring and for such a great cause, and one which is extra close to my heart, since my brother is fighting leukemia. Thanks for sharing your great video and congratulations on your epic ride together! :):):slight_smile:

fantastic!!! one day i’ll do something like that… :roll_eyes:

Or maybe the ‘Dead Taint Club’?

But you soon realize noting is dead after multiple distance days sporting seat boils …