Diverticycle BC wheel?

When I said riding it would be the easy part I meant that I had no way to actually build it. I can’t cut metal or weld.
I have sort of ridden a 2 wheeled bc with both wheels on the ground, I just put one bc wheel on each foot. It is pretty stupid though.

If I am understanding correctly the majority of the design and manufacturing for this idea is already done. I think that you could use one of these : http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=55 plus a few other parts to make the idea work. The hard part that is left would be a platforms to stand on would require welding or some form of attachment to the frame.

Thats all anyone would really need, and a place to mount the plates. I have seen those before but I thought unicycle.com sold out of the a long time ago and weren’t getting more in, I guess I was wrong. That is pretty expensive for a toy that wouldn’t get ridden very much.

It would be nearly impossible to ride if the plates were on the top wheel. The second wheel wouldn’t even matter except fro hand walking it. Just imagine taking a normal BC and moving the plates above the wheel.

The advantage of plates and how they make it easier to ride is because of the lower center of gravity. When the thing was perfectly vertical you’d be alright but if you got even a fraction of an inch in front or behind the center of gravity you’d be done.

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i don’t think you could ride this, so you must mean something else

edit: didn’t work, the drawing is in my gallery. how do i link it?

Well, I would say it would be much easier to ride than Julien Monney’s stand up coast. Even with the plates dropped from the axle of the top wheel you’d be standing much lower than he is. Granted he has a little more leverage because he is standing sideways and has his legs spread a bit.

Riding a BC wheel with the plates inverted (as you can at the end of Spencer’s recent video) isn’t actually that much harder than riding with them hanging normally, so it would be interesting to see how much the difficulty increased at the height did. The best scenario would be a frame that allowed you to move the plates up gradually.


I was thinking more along the lines (for my idea…) of this:

I think it’s an interesting idea, Spence.

Because your weight is cintered above the top wheel, i’d expect it to be very dificult, maybe impossible. Then again, i thought it was impossible to ride a BC wheel with the plates upside down.

If you can make one that works, i think you’d be able to ride it, you can do anything after all!


i like the idea,

maybe i am going into bycycling but if you laid both whells on the ground and had he plates in the middle and rode it that i would like to see

if you did make sure the plates arnt rigid coz then you cant try to get it up on one wheel

hmm im thinking of buying a 12"so i can fit a uni in my bag and leave my good uni at home when i go to school ,good idea?

12" kill you long distance, dan, i wouldn’t go more than 1 KM on one.

It’d be the same as a giraffe BC - the top wheel wouldn’t matter at all.

My question is: “how would you start?” You couldn’t roll mount it, and it’d be too tall for a skate mount.

with no forward force to move the top wheel… cuase you have to push the BC forward… and then to push it forward… you would go backward… i odnt think it would work…


you could jump on the plates then roll the top wheel backwards with your hands

and youd go forward

easyer said then done though

I think it’d be impossible to ride…the plates are so far over the center of gravity, it just wouldn’t work very well…

May I remind you Evan that you’re the one who made his big entry into the unicyclist.com world by showing off your novelty wheel-barrow bc wheel?

Agreed you’ve made much progress since, in your riding and your craftsmanship but don’t forget where you came from.

I mean seriously… aren’t BC wheels novelties themselves?

My experience of two wheelers (well, two wheeler) is that there’s quite a lot of resistance to pedalling because the wheels have to be pretty solidy pressed together to not slip. It might not coast very well, which seem like a problem for a BC wheel.

I might also say it’d be impossible to ride given how much higher than the ground the platforms would be (compare it with switching between BC wheels with pegs and plates), but then I’d say most of the stuff people are doing now is impossible, so never mind that.

I’m still trying to figure out the point of having a wheel that turns backwards if you’re not pedaling it. You could save yourself some weight by making a “giraffe” one, just mouting some plates up above the wheel, top wheel optional. Doable? Yes, but never to the point of a regular BC which, despite its limitations, is much more versatile than people thought until recently.


You make a long plate, ala Julien Monny, that goes front-to-back above the wheel. Like a skateboard, and stand on that. A UNI-SKATEBOARD! That would be a lot more interesting. Your feet could be far enough to front and rear to keep the wheel under you, and it might open up interesting new areas of ways to ride (and get hurt)!

When calling someone stupid, it always helps if you can spell “you’re.” When in doubt, say “you are.” Better yet, think a little more, and realize that making a ridiculous unicycle even more ridiculous isn’t any more stupid than riding a BC wheel in the first place. Some people want to ride what they’ve seen others ride, but other people want to create new things.

To keep it from having to much weight on the top wheel i invision 2 peices of metal on each side both bolted 2 each wheels axle and the plates be on those peices of metal…i dunno if it works and i know the pis crappy but i did it as it says in a hurry i hope it might help

ps for some reason the word wheel didnt show up on the image but the turqois arrow is labling the wheel

I don’t think comparing it to Julien’s stand on seat coasting works since that’s like comparing a BC wheel to coasting normally and there is a huge difference. It would make sense to me if I could coast on a uni since I can do some hard tricks on a BC wheel but I am still far away from coasting.

Riding with the the plates upside down is pretty easy, the hardest parts are mounting and balance adjustments. Mounting takes a few minutes to get down because they want to flip over right way. Just riding normally is the easiest part, if you start to dip down with the plates it’s harder to level them out again, they usually flip before you can do that. So my point of typing all of that is that it is not harder because the plates are higher, just because they have a tendency to flip over so I wonder how much harder it would be to ride with them at giraffe height.