Diverticycle BC wheel?

Hey so do you guys think a diverticycle bc wheel would be possible to ride? If you don’t know what it is its one wheel ontop of another one. It would be put together the same way a 2-wheeled uni would with bearings on the axle and double sided fork things with bearing holders on both sides. The plates would go on the top wheel.
How possible do you think this is?

How would you ride it? How would you get going on it?? :thinking:
That sounds crazy…i dont think it would work.

I think its very possible and you could probably build and ride one by the end of the week!

Could you tell me how you would ride it then??

Ya but I cant think of any way you could get going on it…monkey bars??

If the platforms were mounted ridgid to the sides of the forks it would be possible but if they swing from the upper axel like a standard UW it wouldn’t be rideable.

I think it would be more a novelty thing.

You would be able to just step up it I think. The plates will be like a little more than 25" above the ground. If you were going to hand walk it you would have to hand walk it backwards to go forwards, it would be fun I think.

It would be cool to have but I dont think it would be worth the money and trouble to make one…its like buying a 12" unicycle…more of a novelty thing.

Im with Bryan on this one.

Spencer, Your stupid.

You are the one who bought a 12" unicycle. I know it wouldn’t be useful for anything but it would be fun to play with.
And you don’t know how to spell you’re.

I think you should totaly do it, just to show people you did it and can ride it.

I think riding it would be the easiest part, making it is what I can’t do. Maybe if I get alot of duct tape…

I think that if you mounted the plates midway down the frame then it might be a pretty sweet machine, it might make doing freestyle tricks alot easier and maybe some will be possible that weren’t before.

Riding it would be a challange! It would be sort of like a BC, but your center of gravity is twice as high. Building it would also be tricky. Both the hubs would have to be connected and then the plates would have to go on somewhere…

i think that riding would actually be the hard part, because you would be above the axis that you have to balance on, very unstable. Still, you should try it.

Interesting idea Spencer. It would definitely be possible to ride, but like Tellurider said the plates would have to be rigidly attached to the ‘frame’ so that you could exert leverage on the frame to keep the bottom wheel beneath you. If the plates hung freely from the upper axle like they do on a normal BC wheel there would be nothing you could do to stop the bottom wheel from shooting out below you.

The difficulty in riding it would obviously increase with the height of the plates but in theory you could design a frame with adjustable plate height. The design of it would actually be really simple, assuming you could get the materials and some tools.


if you ask me, i guess it’d be sort of like riding with your plates upside down.
your idea gave me an idea myself. It’s a Two-wheeled BC wheel, except only both wheels touch the ground. Yeah.

When I said riding it would be the easy part I meant that I had no way to actually build it. I can’t cut metal or weld.
I have sort of ridden a 2 wheeled bc with both wheels on the ground, I just put one bc wheel on each foot. It is pretty stupid though.

If I am understanding correctly the majority of the design and manufacturing for this idea is already done. I think that you could use one of these : http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=55 plus a few other parts to make the idea work. The hard part that is left would be a platforms to stand on would require welding or some form of attachment to the frame.

Thats all anyone would really need, and a place to mount the plates. I have seen those before but I thought unicycle.com sold out of the a long time ago and weren’t getting more in, I guess I was wrong. That is pretty expensive for a toy that wouldn’t get ridden very much.