dive bar in Truckee needed

im looking for a dank hole in the wall place to get a burger and a Bud light friday night. i have found these so far but they sound a little glitsy.

anyone know of a bar in the area? the kind with only a few windows and walls coated with nicotine stains.


Sorry, I don’t know much about the dining establishments in Truckee. But the town is pretty small, and someone should be able to direct you to such a place. The Cottonwood Restaurant may look like one from the outside, but it’s nice on the inside.

Thanks for the restaurant list! That should come in handy for all of us on the other evenings of MUni Weekend.

yeah. i’ll proboby have to walk down dark alleys but im sure i’ll find the “real” people somwhere…anyone is welcome to join me in the search, just let me know as im smoking a clove on the side of the trail at Northstar and we can meet in town somwhere to find yellow beer.

If you are in Nevada do get some Sushi we have the best in the US(other than Hawaii) so go to a suchi club if you can. Oh and if you are looking for a semi-dank place, In tahoe there is a bar called Cabo Wabo. Its trashy but expensive trashy, and dank. Its not as dank as reno bars but its as close as they get as far as tahoe goes. Basically because its such a tourist spot everything is expensive and overdone. But I am sure you can find danker…


sorry i refuse to pay $30 bucks for a block of wood with a few cubes of raw fish on it.

I’ll be the judge of that :wink:

I do hope you’re right about that though, I’d love to find a new “favorite”.


Actually late lunch(like 3-6) at most good sushi places is 15-20 bucks for all you can eat and its really really good sushi. Infact if we have time after one of the uni riding days we should all go out and eat someplace. After living in hawaii for 9 years I can safely say its is damn good sushi for sure. But on the topic of bars I’ll ask my uncle, hes a professional drummer and plays in alot of casinos in truckee and tahoe and has been to most every bar in tahoe/truckee in his 30 years in nevada. So if he knows a crummy place to go to then Ill let you know.

Re: dive bar in Truckee needed

All you can do is search when you get there, as that type of place won’t be listed in Zagat’s. I had been thinking more “underside of a bridge and a bottle of muscatel” for Friday night, so if you can’t find your dive you’re welcome to pull up a cinder block and join me.

Re: Re: dive bar in Truckee needed

See now Tom is thinking. Make sure to bring those clubs so we can get some down and out juggling in!


Hmmm. A guy from Hawaii can be expected to know his sushi. So where’s the best? My wife and I definitely have to try your favorite place sometime. We know good sushi too.

Cabo Wabo is in South Lake Tahoe I believe. They have some slightly annoying radio ads going on. That’s a bit of a hike, but probably no longer to get to than Reno from Truckee.

Speaking of Reno, you can probably find tons of icky bars there, with or without slot machines. Even some of the more “famous” places are icky.

im looking for somthing within staggering distance from the Inn at Truckee. no driving. i’ll most likly just end up slamming a few in the in the hotel.