Distance training journal

Due to a fairly severe neck injury, I’ve been unable to ride at all over the last 3 months. I’m currently studying sports psychology though and as part of our final assessment we have to go through with a fitness plan. As such, I thought it would be a perfect time to hope back on my wheel and get active again. I’ll be keeping this thread to document my progress over the weeks.


My goal is 50km. I’ll do the first part of the route twice, then continue on to the 20km point and back.

Game plan

  • Two 10km rides a week minimum (first route indicated above).
  • One timed, the other just a cruise
  • Progress into doing the circuit twice a day
  • Commute to university and back at least once a week (~5km one way)


Nimbus 29" with 125mm cranks - pretty standard. I’d like to fashion a handlebar and try 114/100mm cranks, but I doubt I’ll get around to doing that before my big ride.

  • I’ll update the rest as I go. Feel free to comment on anything :slight_smile:

First day - 10km in 0:51:09

I timed myself, and averaged 11kmph (factoring in a short break) which isn’t too bad since a long portion of the ride involves riding REALLY slow and dodging people as I go up a pretty steep hill (I’m still deciding if this challenge is fun or frustrating) - my usual speed is about 15kmph…but I’m hoping to push that up a bit.

I’ve also noticed an odd pain in my hip/pelvis joint on my left side which I hope goes away as I get back into riding…but I s’pose we’ll have to wait and see!

Day 2 - 3km not timed

Couldn’t do much but hobble around the next few days after my ride. That hip joint really didn’t seem to like the 10k! It flared up horrible afterwards.

It was feeling better (and it was such a nice day outside!) so I tried a really short route. Alas, now my knee isn’t playing nice - it cracks when extended, and feels very uncomfortable while riding. It’s happened before, hoping it’s just a result of me not riding for so long. Things are looking better. (Though I do wish my body would stop with these mysterious injuries :roll_eyes: )

Hi Will,
Surprise surprise :stuck_out_tongue: So hopefully you will drop it back to 2 or 3 km every second day until there are no signs of problems.

BTW on the knee issue, get one of those neoprene knee sleeves and keep it on during the day. And do your best to keep your knee straight as much as poss. For some reason everyone I know, including me, want to bend their knees when they are painful. Don’t know why…

Remember - recovery mode, not training mode… yet :slight_smile:


Heh, took your advice and cut back a bit. I was able to do some light riding exercises which have improved both the knee and hip quite a bit. Making a conscious effort to keep my knee straight made a lot of difference!

Anyway, to formalise the last few days:

26th August

Casual trials on a 20" for 2 hours. One hell of a workout (and no pain!)

27th August
General core exercises (planks, sideplanks, crunches). I figure these will be great on the days I need to rest my legs. Improves posture and helps with balance while fatigued! :slight_smile:

28th August

6km to uni and 6km back in the evening. Very slight discomfort in my hip, but otherwise increased my average speed. Had my first UPD in months on the return trip. I started concentrating on the minor pain in my hip and lent too far forwards - a little reminder that I’m still injured and need to take it easy! (I stepped out of it, fortunately)

So how did you get on? It must be about the end of your three month project?