distance riding on 24 inch

untill this point, i’ve only really been into the whole MUni/trials aspect of unicycling. i want to get a coker to ride to school with a friend on his bike. I was wondering… i have a “track” uni now, would i be able to keep up with him by buying, say, 100mm cranks, or would that not be fast enough. how about building a 26inch wheel with 100mm cranks(i already have most parts), or would that not have enough torque?? grrr, i want the Coker, but it’s only a 6 km ride to school (i’d ride my trials, but they’re nothing to do on the way )(country road):frowning:

what’s your opinions on this?


I would just buy the 100mm cranks, it would be very close ,efficiency wise, as the 26" and 100mm. Unless it is no hassle at all to setup the 26".:smiley:


A 26 inch wheel is only 8.3% bigger than a 24 inch wheel, so given the same cranks and the same cadence, you’ll go 8.3% faster. You’re looking at less than 1mph difference in most circumstances, but with the bigfger wheel, you may actually lose a bit of speed on hills - both uphill AND down.

102s on a 24 makes for great fun (as I’ve said elsewhere :o ) and you will get up reasonably steep hills. You won’t keep up with a bicyclist who’s trying, but if a bicyclist wants to ride with you, he won’t find you too slow, if you see what I mean.