distance riding -- my knees

I went on my first long distance ride on the coker today – 61.4 miles. I
notice the most pain I suffered (very noticeable after 40 miles) was in my
knees. I considered raising my seat, but knew that would make my mounting
virtually impossible. (after my stop at 40 miles, I think it took me 5
tries to get back on, simply due to my being tired).

Well, I certainly have a lot more respect to the poeple who can ride long
distances. I think I can judge the EUT group to be officially insane, but
I have a feeling I might eventually be trying for a ride of that sort,
myself, some day.

Incidently, if you ever have the chance to go for a ride along the Erie
Canal Path in New York state, definitely go. This was the first time
I’d really ridden the path outside of a city, and it was really great.
Most of the path is unpaived, but is generally a packed high quality,
small gravel.

Jeff Lutkus

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I would not feel bad about only riding 60+ miles :slight_smile: Good golly!!

I grew up in a suburb of Rochester and I’ve riden the canal path a few times by bicycle as a kid. It is a nice place to go for an afternoon, but the gravel can be tricky. The canal has a lot of history to it, so it is educational and good exercise as well!

A tip for the fall… The Elmgrove Fruit Farm is right near the canal path in Greece. They have tons of apples each season and they make cider too. Ride the trail and have a snack along the way!

And while summer lasts, there is an ice cream parlor along the path in Charlotte.