Distance Riding - Advice

Hello, I am relatively new to unicycling, and currently have a KH trials uni. It is great for messing around, however any sort of distance riding is extremely tiring. If I were interested in riding distances (a few kilometers) what size wheel and cranks should be considered? Is there such a thing as “overkill”, where the wheel gets too large/difficult to ride?
One last thought; the new KH cranks accommodate multiple pedal lengths, are the pedals relatively easy to change during a ride, or would it be something done in advance (before a ride)?
Any advice is appreciated.

As long as you have a 15mm wrench of a pedal wrench, changing the pedals to the different lengths is very fast/simple. As far as wheel size, you would want either a 29" or a 36" inch. 29" inch is a little easier to maneuver but most people will agree that if you step up to a 29", within a few weeks you will want to go even bigger. I totally recommend 36".

Thanks, but do the wheels get any weaker as they get larger? I would have to imagine they would, but is this much of an issue? What sort of abuse would a larger wheel be able to take (29" vs. 36")? I have read numerous threads about Cokers having relatively weak rims and such…should this be a put off?

The Coker wheel should be sufficiently strong for road riding and even light off road. It is possible though to upgrade the rim to the airfoil rim which is much much stronger. Depending on what kind of riding you are planning to do I would say that the strength difference should not be a put off.

I agree with you on that one Brian. I have a coker with a airfoil rim and i’m very satisfied with it. :smiley:

Has anybody tried the Nimbus 36" or their 36" Deluxe? I found it on unicycle.com; is the frame really any stronger? I found that it had the Airfoil Rim, which is a good thing. Does anybody have this unicycle, or have any reviews of it?

Coker 36"

Airfoil rim

Xtra stuff

:frowning: Sorry if i wasn’t much help, but i hope i helped somehow. :slight_smile:

I have the Nimbus 36 with the Airfoil rim. It is an absolutely awesome unicycle. It’s very maouverable and stable.

It’s definitely value for money. :smiley: :smiley:

24 mile walkathon

I once rode (when I was much yonger) my Schwin 24 miles for a walk athon. I walked it maybe 4 times for a few yards (riding was eisier) the only problem I had was when I fininshed and had to go to the bathroom. The condition (a burning sensation) did not last. I made an aluminum uni thinking weight would make a difference but I haven’t noticed anything. I have also made a uni with a suspension at the wheel (and air shock) not the seat. I love this thing. It smooths out the bumps and gives a much nicer ride. And off roading is nicer too!

an air saddle will help with crotch pain

kh style

do it yo self

Air saddles also distribute weight evenly throughout your sitting area.

They feel really really good when you first sit down, and not bad for shorter rides, but for distance, they start to kill.

I would get a really nice foam seat, with a groove cut out for pressure relief, and some tilt to put more weight on the hard arts of your butt. Cough KH seat cough

EDIT: Its best to just try all seat set-ups. Some people can swear by an airsaddle, some people love a stock seat, some people will spend many hours to customize their seat perfectly.

cheap 36 "

I bought the cheapest 36 from UDC. It was terrifying at first. I have only been uni riding 2 months.
After 2 weeks, I am riding about 15 miles a day with no trouble. It’s been good so far, even in off road, but I am not good enough to jump anything.
I weigh about 190 now. It seems plenty strong so far. For distance road riding it is hard to beat a 36.
I saw a video here of a guy barreling through the woods on one. At the end he bent the steel rim going over a small log.
It might be a good idea to get the stronger wheel if you aren’t real light and plan on rough riding. I have a 24 muni for that.

Well it’s nice to know your enjoying your coker my friend. It’s alot of fun isn’t it??? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Are you thinking of the T7 handlebar on it or did it come with it??

Regardless, as long as you like it. It’s all good then. :smiley: :smiley:

Yes, a 36 can be overkill in certain situations, a 29 is much easier to handle and will still travel a few kilometres in reasonable time. Also it can take much more extreme offroad if you buy the appropriate one (i.e. the KH)

Moving the pedals can be done with a 15mm spanner or pedal wrench in maybe 45 seconds. It’s deffinitely something you can do part way thorugh a ride, this is great if you want t ride to the trail head and then gear down for tough riding, or if you ride a route where sections are steep/technical and sections are relatively plane sailing.

CamelBak filled with water and food for the ride. :stuck_out_tongue:

but what about a certain size crank…
i dont ride cokers or 29rs so i have no idea wat a good size crank would be…

150s are good for some hilly terrain.

125s are good for some hills and easy spinning.

Anything smaller than that makes it a lot easier to spin faster and get more speed, but loose leverage on hills. Though with practice, or a brake, you can control yourself jsut as good on the smaller cranks than you can with the longer cranks.

Its kinda a preference thing though. Luckily, Cokers are cotterless, and you can get cotterless cranks cheap, anywhere from 5-25 dollars for a decent cheap pair.

I would try 125s and see how that is. If you need more control, ride them a little long. Still need control? Get longer cranks. Want a little more speed? Go shorter.