distance riders and kh seats

I know that the kh fusion freeride is a good distance seat having one myself but has anyone done any distance with the kh fusion street saddle? For those of you that have ridden any on the fusion street what’s it like? Thanks.


The street seat is like a brick. I’ve ridden it, but not for any long distance. Thankfully.

It isn’t a distance saddle, it’s a saddle for when you need a thin profile seat that you’re not sitting on much.

Thanks, Eric.

I definitely wouldn’t say the street seat feels like a brick, I’d definitely much rather ride on that than one of the old bulky curved KH seats. If you are looking for an alternative to the fusion freeride, the nimbus gel seat is actually very comfortable. Its what I use on my coker.

Better then a brick IMHO

I think thats the saddle on my 07 KH 20. It’s very thin and light. I haven’t gone any real distance on it. It is about as comfortable as a nimbus gel, while being much thinner and lighter. A good choice in a muni saddle, I never noticed any discomfort, but I never tried it on the 36. Surely there are better choices for a distance saddle. It’s really quite comfortable, especially if you consider the weight. It feels about half the weight of a KH air seat, though I didn’t actually weigh them.

That’s kinda funny

It looks like I was responding to Brian, even though he posted while I was writing. Coincidence. In general, owning both, I would go for a fusion street over a nimbus gel. It has a removable, rather then stapled cover, is lighter, and it’s about the same comfort wise. Your fanny may vary.:slight_smile:

Is a freeride sifable?

I disagree, I find the nimbus gel noticeably comfortable for longer rides but I do agree that the nimbus street actually makes for an awesome muni saddle, its super low profile prevent you from crushing yourself while the nimbus gel is a little more curved at the front.

Is the KH Freeride SIFable? Hell Yeah!

I have the KH freeride 2007 saddle on my KH24 and the KH Street on my KH20. Both are great saddles for thier respective styles of riding. The Freeride is cushier and I would prefer it for MUni and long rides. The Street saddle is also pretty comfortable and I still sit comfortably after practicing trials and railings for over 3 hours. The Street saddle is very comfortable for SIF. The Freeride Saddle is also very SIFable. It is not as comfortable to hold as the Street saddle but it is still good. The railing adaptor gets in the way so you have to hold it a little bit farther back. I peck up steep slopes and big boulders during my MUni riding all SIF no problem.


I have the street saddle, and put a lot of 6-8 hour days on it. I may not be going long distances, but I am sitting on that thing for a long time.

Feels fine for me.

I think posterity may play a part in it too. Cause if you’re not sitting right. It can be quite uncomfortable to ride with a KH seat or any other seat for that matter. :smiley: