Distance ride stories?

Does anybody have any distance ride stories that I could pierce my boredom with? They could be about either a Coker or 29/28er ride, but preferably the ladder because I can relate. Thanks!


Mikefule does outstanding writeups of rides on both wheel sizes. Nathan does great Coker ride writeups as does Ken Looi (GizmoDuck). Aspenmike’s Coker rides are probably the most impressive in terms of extremes and endurance. All of them post regularly here. Tom Blackwood, JC, Steve, Bruce, and I have all written up epic rides before. Just start searching. Caution: If you read all of these writeups you’ll never have time to get out and ride.

One of my favorite long distance rides was on White Mountain Peak in 2002. I wrote it up: here. We used 24" Munis and Cokers and the ride took 12 hours. As Greg says there are countless long distance adventures documented here. Use the Advanced Search feature - it can find anything.

Have fun,

The best writeups and photos are from the Unitours.
Check out www.unitours.org

I’ve also got lot’s of random rides on my website www.adventureunicyclist.com