all i see these days is flip tricks on flat ground, is street turning into freestyle?

this thread does not really have a point to it but i was just wondering if anyone feels the same way.


p.s. i know there is the occasional video, but since crankflips and unispins combined all i see is different variations of the two on flat ground, whens the last time someone slid a handrail?

Yeah I kinda agree, but im mostly into trials(but I suck).
I also heard that you were going to the trials comp in alberta

Yeah I agree…kinda. I think what your saying, I agree, is that you miss big street. Kevin Mcmullin and I were talking bout not enough big street today. But I think that if everyone learns all these flip tricks, (hopefully) they will take them down sets and go big with them. I haven’t gone big with them but have started doing bigger sets than normal.

Forget Old school big street and New school tech street. Mix em together :slight_smile:


well you have to learn it on flat, before off of something, unless it is triple flips.

i think the flip trick stuff would look neat mixed into trials

that is what street riding is:p :roll_eyes: :smiley:

not really, i mean like actual big trials things, do unispins etc between two posts several feet apart that people just usually gap or pedal grab to

maybe im just grumpy because i havent seen anything really amazing in a little while.

Patience my friend, eventually something will come that will amaze you. Maybe the amazement will come from you. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Couldn’t agree more Justin, though I like most fliptricks and spins and stuff I think people are turning more flatland than actual street, I prefer seeing things big but like Kelly I think the 2 should be combined instead of seperated.

xav is what street riding should be

Id like to be able to go off steps, but it is a lot harder to do tricks down them, working on them though. So many people are used to new school street, like me, some dont even know what the definition of street really is. :astonished:

Some one needs to work on grind tricks, I’ve been thinking it would be cool to see someone do a boardslid like grind.

thatd be cool excepted it wouldn’t work

Technical it could I don’t know how you would have enough ballence though


Don’t worry Justin, I’m working on my video for BUC, and I think you’ll enjoy it if you’ve been missing styles such as my own. However, I think the direction street is going with the flips is great. It has been a few years, and lots of people can do all the flips now, so doing them on flat isn’t really that impressive, unless its for the back it up game or something. Street just needed some time to redevelop its tricks is all.

Whoever said that Xav is what street riding is… I disagree. I lot of what Xav does it great street riding. However, his main style is flatland. And I agree, he has great style when it comes to this. But if you ever go to a BMX competition, they have separate competitions for street/park and flatland. In no way is this against Xavier’s style of riding, or his ability, but I think he defines flatland and what a lot of people want to ride these days, not street. I think that Shaun is a better definition of what street is, at least the tricks, and his next video should take them pretty big.

That’s about all. My next video will have some great stuff in it Justin. New, creative stuff, but not as techy as everyone else.


Out of everyone I have seen ride on various videos my two favourite to watch are Xav and Dan H as they mix in a lot of different tricks styles and runs and this makes their parts/videos more interesting.
Watching loads of flip tricks is dull same as watching someone jump down steps and grinding rails repetively, a bit of variety looks much better.

You just need the eye for it. Basically without flips there wouldn’t be more than a dozen set tricks one could bust. Jump, 180, 360, one foot, fakie, then the mix of them, along with switch, or lame rotators. ( I know over a dozen)Because of flips all the sudden there are 30 different types there that can be mixed in with it. Along with late stuff for both. To me big street is anything 6-10 if the trick is hard enough. (Any other fliptrick other than a normal flip is big at 6 stairs). Infact there are only 3 flip tricks at 6 stairs or higher. (There are over 50 flip tricks just that I know, imagine how many are out there, actually I kinda know how many are out there, like 6-7 more.) Rails are kinda easy too. Even 10 sets. After you do one ten they are pretty easy to slide. Just alittle scary are first and need a few warmup rails (6 sets-8 sets). Have you ever noticed though that there was never really big street. U2, dan jumped this big thing, or Kevin just jumping a set, or maybe 180. Look how small that is. (A few different tricks, a few different people) It was never really popular. In fact more people are doing it now, it’s just fewer by percent.

oh you will.
im going to do something STUPID when I get my camera back. I get the jitters just thinking about it.

I agree with Justin, 90% of all “street” videos are a total snore fest.

Are you serious??? There are so many possible tricks without a lame crankflip.

Just off the top of my head…

Body varial
No footers, (Also with big extentions, maybe in different directions or even a heel clicker)
Toboggans (variations on this too, seat in back tire grabs)
Leg arounds (People started doing them in the air with flips and unispins, why not throw one down a set?)
Seat whips (Its about time someone learned these)
Nothings (scary yes, but doable)
X-ups (Done with a big extention would look very rad)
No footed toboggans (Again, Big extention would look sick)
360 no footers.
Toboggan variations (Grabbing the bottom of the tire, grabbing the tire behind you. Mix it up.)

Sequence tricks, Its about time people started these. I’ve only seen a couple. Pretty much doing 2 tricks one after the other in the air. Examples:

No footer, 180.
Tire grab, no footer,
180, tire grab.
360, tire grab.
Tire grab, toboggan.
180, toboggan.
Nothing, tire grab.

Doing all those tricks listed above, Late, Would make many more tricks.

I’m sure with some thinking and messing around on a drop or case you could come up with many more nonflip tricks.

You see Shaun, Its not all about flips.