Disparaging remarks

I’m visiting a colleague who is an avid bicyclist and happened upon his “The All
New Complete Book of Bicycling” by Eugene Sloane, published 1980. Here’s how the
one page on unicycling begins:

Strictly in the gimmick and toy area is yet another cycling variation, the
unicycle. This is a one-wheeled cycle with a banana seat, which children seem to
be able to ride with great facility for short distances, and with a lot of fun
and enjoyment. Personally, I’d rather try a delayed parachute fall - at least
I’d have a chance of an easy landing.

Sloane has a 1995 version out called “Sloane’s Complete Book of Bicycling”.
I wonder if time has altered his view. But as in another recent thread it
was pointed out that “cyclists” should present a unified and mutually
cooperative front.

Raphael Lasar