Dismounts as Skills

Last week’s discussion got me wondering how many types of dismounts can be considered separate skills. For example:

Dismounting gracefully with wheel in back.
" " with seat in front.
Reversing a side mount and in all the various permutations such as leg around.
Reversing jump mounts.
Back flip off a giraffe (Klaas mentioned this where they landed on a tight rope if my memory serves)

What kind of intentional, controlled dismounts are out there?

Anyone doing flips or handsprings off of a standard uni?

Re: Dismounts as Skills

I suppose dismounting onto the back of or into the arm of another unicyclist, as in some freestyle routines, has got to be a very skilled sort of dismount.

How about dismounting into an uneven parallel bars or gynmastic rings display? Well, just a thought.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ