dismounting the 36

So I’m back after 3 years of no unicycling, borrowing a 36 to see how I like it.

So far, mounting and riding are pretty easy.

For me, the scary part is getting off the thing! No serious injury, but it certainly isn’t cozy so far. I just kind of do a (semi-)controlled fall, but it’s a long enough fall that it sometimes hurts. The plus side is that I don’t want to stop!

How do you get off it?

im finding jumping off backward is the way to go

when getting off a smaller uni i tend to go forward but on a 36er with a bar setup it isnt very nice to go that way

to get off practice riding up to a post and stepping off backwards. Eventually you will get a rhythm of how to get off and then you can start doing it with no post

just be aware though, the speed of a 36er is deceptive and you need to be going slower than you think to dismount safely

I just slow down, start leaning back and step down with my front foot.

I generally grab the brake really hard and then place my feet horizontally in front of me (off the pedals). Once all the momentum has been exhausted I slightly release the brake and step down off the back side.


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Video please! :wink:

hhmm i did that method one night on my way from work with cold hands… i got a mild concussion from it and a fuzzy 2 hour ride home… (so this would be an advanced dismount)

Not on a coker, and an old video:


Dam mine was more a face plant at speed after using the break to hard.

I know there’s a video version of this photo of Ricardo’s but can’t seem to find it. Corbin brake-coasting on Lombard Street.

I never really thought about it much but I guess when I dismount the big wheel I get off the back and press down on the seat as it rolls forward and I descend. I pretty much take every opportunity in my life to be more like Mary Poppins.

That’s pretty much how I do mine. Stepping off is made easy and looks graceful by the slow forward motion of the uni.