dismount in front or behind? does it matter

while I’m re-learning should I be training myself to always dismount to the front, rear or does it matter? I think I tend to just drop off the front and reach around and catch the back of the seat as it comes out from under me.

However, on another site I saw them describe the dismount like this…

put right pedal all the way down, left right foot up and place it on ground behind left pedal.

dismounting in behind is comfortable when you use uni with handlebar, so, you should better learn this type of dismounting imho

They both have their advantages, but I find going off the back is more controlled, and less like falling off, especially if you’re on a downhill!

Most riders tend to dismount off the back as they get better. It makes it much easier to keep your unicycle from going flying and gives you a smoother dismount once you get it. There was a long thread a while back about this if you want to read through it here.

Most riders tend to dismount off the back as they get better. It makes it much easier to keep your unicycle from going flying and gives you a smoother dismount once you get it. Also it’s pretty much impossible to dismount off the front nicely if you have a giraffe or a unicycle with a handlebar.

There was a long thread a while back about this if you want to read through it here.

btw you can dismount this way, it’s the safe bet :smiley:

When you’re starting out, any way you get yourself safely off the unicycle and onto your feet is fine. Most of us dismount to the front at first. It takes less planning, basically just stop pedalling and hop off.

Rear dismounts can look more elegant, and as others have said, help to avoid handlebars etc, but require more timing and control. After I’d spent a while working on idling, riding backwards, etc, I found that rear dismounts weren’t hard to do at all. For the first year or so, I just didn’t have the basic skills, and I probably had as many bad spills attempting it as anything I tried to learn.

In the words of elpuebloUNIdo, “Gradus ad Parnassum.”

I can’t even visualize that. It sounds like a really good way to get yourself hurt!

That’s pretty much how I rear-dismount on all my unis, specially my 36er with bar (Except my left foot goes down and the right goes to the floor) :astonished: how do you do it?

In fact, this is how I did it from the very beginning, once I figured out how to not just bail off the front and break my teeth :roll_eyes:

I couldn’t begin to say! The “left foot here, right foot there” Arthur Murray School of Dance part wasn’t the challenging bit. The tough part was being able to feel the momentum of the wheel and know exactly when to start applying back pressure with my right foot so that the wheel stops in the correct position, and when and how to safely move enough weight over to my left foot so that I can get my butt off the seat and transfer my right foot to the ground without the wheel starting forward again. (At least I think that’s what happens.) Timing and momentum are the hard parts to learn, as well as to explain. It never once occurred to me to wonder where my right foot landed on the ground, and I can’t imagine it mattering even a little bit. :slight_smile:

Rear dismount

To dismount from the rear you have to bring the unicycle almost to a stop with your right foot down. By pressing down somewhat hard with your right foot you keep the wheel from moving. Then you step off the back of the unicycle with your left foot which is easy to do when the unicycle is stablized with your right foot. I find that the trickiest part, initially, is that if you don’t slow down enough you won’t be able to stop the unicycle with your right foot and you will still end up dismounting off the front.

Of course you can switch the role of the left and right foot in this description.

Yes, a rear dismount is basically the reverse of a static free mount.

And a front dismount is the reverse of a backwards jump mount.:wink:

When I was just starting, any way to get off the uni without hurting myself worked for me. However, as I began to gain more control over the uni (being able to go slowly and stay balanced, speeding up, slowing down, etc.), rear dismounts came naturally. It just makes more sense to step off it slowly and have the seat handle already in your hand than hopping off the front and reaching back to try to grab the seat.

Plus onlookers are always impressed by rear dismounts for some reason.


Especially if you quickly pic your uni up as you dismount to leave the wheel spinning in the air for a while. :smiley:

Ha! I do this sometimes :smiley:

If I really feel like showing off I only slow a little bit, then jump off with both feet at once, landing on my feet with Beast in front of me :wink:

I’m very impressed with the front flip dismount, although I can’t see me trying that any time soon!

Yes! Although most of the time this only happens to me when it’s a UPD that I make look graceful…ish.

On the 36er, a few occasions I caught myself coasting when rear dismounting for that very fleeting moment. Its an unintentional, but a cool feeling, when you let go of the pedal, all the weight on saddle, and tire’s still rolling. Very fleeting moment though, and the dismount happens all too soon.

(Though…Not like i have a desire to practice it, because, the only times it happens is when i have my back pack, and rod and reel strapped on and in a hurry to get back home… I’m sure all pleasures will be taken out of it if I was to land flat on my back with pack loaded with rod and reel, and rodholder spike.)

I’ve done the same thing, UPD, also only accidentally. It’s a fun feeling and I do hope somewhere down the line to learn to do it on purpose.

Ill try again next time with fish strapped and cushioned on back… :roll_eyes: :smiley:

I’ve thought for a while that if I ever learn to coast this would be how I would attempt it. :slight_smile:

Same as UPD :roll_eyes:
I too sometime cruise for a nano second.
I’ve tried dismounting from the back but find coming off the front easier as I don’t have to think about what I’m doing. I just lift my legs off the pedals at any position. I lean forwards just a tad and come off. If I don’t lean forwards I do a little cruise, which is kinda scary and cool at the same time.

I once cruised down a hill on my 26” while on my muni. My feet slipped off the pedals and I cruised about 10’. You should have heard my screams :stuck_out_tongue: