Dismantling unicycle

Not sure where to post this so apologies if this is i the wrong board but for my GCSE D.T. project I am making a unicycle and I will be using the wheel from my own unicycle but I am having trouble taking the pedal cranks off of the wheel. I have unscrewed a bolt on each crank which seems to be holding it in place but I can still not take it off. I would be extremely grateful for advice.

U need a crank extractor or go to your LBS and they will get em off for ya.

Gcse’s are you british?


GCSEs are british yes

… this just got me thinking why do we messure wheels in inches such as 20" or 24" but we messure crankm lengths in mms?? such as 125mm or 140mm

Quite a lot of cranks are still 127mm and 152mm, which are 5 & 6 inch respectively, although metric lengths are becoming more common.

For tyre sizes do a search on the forum (if your interested) as this has been discussed many times over the years.

I know that, but i was implying where.


:smiley: i know i was simply stating a fact